Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • Ingame support wrote

    „Thanks for reaching out.

    I understand you are concerned that some of your Pokéstops or Gyms in Pokémon GO do not show as Ingress Portals. Please note that not all Pokéstops or Gyms convert into Ingress Portals. We remain committed to expanding the number of locations for players in the future and we’ll be sure to let you know when we are accepting submissions in Ingress.

    We did notice Portals a few blocks away from the location you mentioned. You could also try visiting a local park, tourist attraction, or other interesting and historical locations in your community to find new Portals.


    seems as if niantic is a bit hesitant that it’s not a bug but their new strategy..

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    It would be so great if there actually was a wayfare app, :) where games could have random chance of selecting pois,

    People would stop trying to modified the database to suit particular games...

  • Just had one of my affected portals show up in the duplicate check area but still not live.

  • Yep, and sure I nominate through the Nomination portal in either game, depending on where I have submissions left - but I'm not nominating "a pokestop" in spirit, I am nominating a waypoint no matter what game-specific tool I use to get that nomination in the review queue. It's a valid waypoint. It has been reviewed and accepted by my peers. It's not hampered by proximity and cell placement must not be an issue as the spot appeared in Pokemon Go, right? So what is the holdup and if this is a permaent change to the waypoint publication mechanism, why was the change made and what is it doing?

  • Yes, it was the reply after i wrote them twice about the same issue on several different portals. Wasn't too happy that submissions from 2019 or before were exclusively going live in other games but ingress in which i submitted these. However, it's their decission but i have no idea why none of the NIA mods in either wayfarer or ingress forum are answering it in the same way as the NIA ingress in-game support.

  • In general, this would make sense for a Wayspot (portal, Pokestop etc) that has been made live in Wayfarer (after player review) but not made live in a game(s) (after Niantic review).

    In essence, all successful player reviews exist in Wayfarer which is the central database that Ingress and the other games draw from based on the Niantic end review for each product.

    So if you are an Ingress player then it's possible to submit portal nominations then they clear Wayfarer and you get the acceptance email etc. The Wayspot then exists in Wayfarer to inform further reviews, an example of which is what you have posted.

    If the Wayspot doesn't pass the Niantic review for Ingress then it won't appear in Ingress but other games may review the nomination and accept it.

    I've no idea about the Niantic end review process in detail so won't be able to help clarify that and appreciate that this probably does want some explaining alongside an official post regarding the whole process.

    I appreciate this doesn't explain the AP award missing but it would explain the key not being present as there is no portal to provide a key for.

  • But this is something that never happened. The ingress database is the main database. Or did they change something and decide to not tell anybody. It makes no sense. And why are there suddenly quite a lot of these with different players in different countries? Seems like a bug and not an intended process.

  • Tried to resubmit on of them. Apparently "holocaust" is a forbidden word now. Is that the reason?

  • Still have not shown up. (I posted here because I was instructed to when I reported the bug on Wayfarer for those who did not read my original post. Not because I favor one game over the other.) @NianticVK please give an example of how something could be eligible in Pokemon Go and not Ingress? I understand the other way around.

  • Have any of you heard of any player getting their submission live in Ingress, after "a few days" as suggested ? (after being live in Pogo first)

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    strange, got an email today portal approved and it was live in scanner once i got to the location. not sure why others needs to wait? and it was close to other poi....

    maybe its something that if u send in portals from pokemon this happen ?

  • And had an other upgrade that was approved. Went live immediately.

    I still consider the other approvals as bug and not working as intended

  • BlaumutBlaumut ✭✭✭✭

    @NianticVK any updates about "how long" would take the update of the ingress map?

    Same issue with removed pokestop and gym, portal is still in place...

  • Test failed as the mix of communitycenter/lightart was rejected as farm.

    But another on was accepted within days without upgrade. In this case i knew it was too close to a misplaced portal where the location edit is still open.

    And another approval came this night. This one did not go live....again.

    The system is really working against us

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    what i don't get is how a POI would be ok for pokemon but not ingress (closest poi to said poi is 100+m)

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    What needs to happen is a compete separation of wayfare from the games,

    Games should INDEPENDANTLY select autonomously from POI data base without influence from other games.....


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    Contributing to this thread about Wayspots not porting to Ingress, I have a weird case.

    August 5th, I had an upgraded Wayspot nomination named "PA Dance Sport" approved and appear in Ingress.

    August 7th, a Gym in pokemon go named "Advance Auto of Hummelstown" appears. Very close to where PA Dance Sport was approved. However, this wayspot does not exist in Ingress.

    It's been about a week now, and Advance Auto still hasn't appeared in Ingress.

    For additional information that Niantic won't acknowlegde but might be useful for them: Advance Auto and PA Dance Sport are both in separate S2L17 cells and over 20m away from each other.

    Also, I remember rejecting Advance Auto a long while back, and with my luck with restaurants in my area, I would be surprised if this was approved first try.

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  • Sad that there is no real feedback by nia. Did anyone's affected portals show up by now?

  • Actually yes there was a post from Niantic about this issue, without saying there is an issue right now.

    Lets hope this gets fixed and things go back to normal.

  • well no, in that case it was sent via Ingress specifically

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    There's definitively some bug there.

    Mine were nominated from ingress and no portal around. But only appeared in pogo/hp

  • As you said. They say it is normal but everyone knows that it us all but normal.

    And no further feedback.

  • Got another approval. Not live again. Again outside the 20m. I have about 300 open submission. We need a clarification on that. All submissions at the moment are worthless when this continues

  • OchemistOchemist ✭✭✭

    This is quite interesting. An equally dreadful and ineligible pokestop also recently appeared in my area and there is no corresponding portal.

  • cyndiepoohcyndiepooh ✭✭
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    My post about this bug with all the information i had collected has been removed. Used to be here

    I referenced that post just yesterday to get the coordinates and such and came back here today to add a new example. ANOTHER accepted but not upgraded Wayspot is not showing up on my intel map but I can't get you the coordinates because Wayfarer doesn't currently showing them. I do have these screenshots from yesterday of ones accepted on 7/29/21 without upgrades.


    I will add the new one to this list tomorrow after sync so i can report if it also goes live in pogo but not ingress with coordinates. The issue has to be something about NOT being upgraded. My upgraded candidates have all appeared immediately on the intel map. It is only not upgraded candidates this is happening to, and it is ALL of those that have processed. No not upgraded but accepted candidates have appeared on the intel map for me since this began happening 7/29/21.

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