Update on Portal Nominations, Edits, and Photo Submissions

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We are currently working to upgrade Ingress’ Portal Network backend to the latest versions of Niantic Lightship and Wayfarer. This should improve consistency with how Ingress Portal nominations and edits work going forward.

Due to upgrades we are making to the backend, Portal nominations, and photo submissions and edits will be delayed for several weeks, and we are actively working to address this. Please note that you do not need to submit these nominations/edits/photos again. We will post an update here once this upgrade is complete.  

Additionally, Wayfarer team will be updating how email notifications are delivered to Agents. In the past, when submitting a nomination, you received an Ingress email notification if it was eligible in Ingress, with a note of the possible Ingress rewards earned if also accepted in Ingress. This may have been confusing language since eligibility and acceptance into Ingress aren’t actually the same thing. Soon, the notification emails will come from Wayfarer directly, to confirm if your Wayspot nomination has been received and subsequently accepted by Niantic, but not specifically if it has been approved to go live in Ingress. This is to be absolutely clear that eligibility in Wayfarer and acceptance in Ingress are not equivalent. If the accepted nomination has been accepted by Ingress as a Portal, you should see your in-game rewards (Portal Key and AP) once the Portal goes live in your Scanner/Intel Map. We know many of you rely on the Ingress confirmation email to track your rewards so the Ingress Team is investigating how to bring this type of notification back.   

In the meantime, you can view the status of your Portal nominations on your Wayfarer Nomination Management page here. For any questions regarding your Portal nominations, photos, edits, or invalid Portal reports, please go to the Wayfarer Community

Thank you for your patience as we move to the latest versions of Niantic Lightship and Wayfarer. 

— The Ingress Team

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  • Thanks for the heads up!

    Is this part of the backend update that was put on hold in 2020 in favor of switching to more efficient legacy servers? Any behind-the-scenes info would be appreciated!

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    I very much doubt it. Maybe @ofer2 could hint some more on what works are going to be done?

    Anyway, upgrading something is still nice, so that's still good news.

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    I hope after that they will find my tens of submissions from the void and vote on them. No photo submissions have either been declined or accepter for over half a year, and only 10% of my portal submits get an answer

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    @NianticOfficial "We are currently working to upgrade Ingress’ Portal Network backend to the latest versions of Niantic Lightship and Wayfarer."

    Are you saying then that Ingress will be finally moving to Lightship servers?

  • this would correct that, assuming the portals meet the density rules not applicable in those games.

  • MrNateJoMrNateJo ✭✭✭

    That was going to be my question. Did something break?

  • > which is a choice you make

    A choice that Wayfarer reviewers make*

    I've been burned by my fair share of valid submissions that were rejected, but I also recognize that it's the result of overzealous Wayfarer reviewers misunderstanding the guidelines. You should also receive a list of reasons for rejection, though these may not always be accurate given reviewers' tendency to choose the most convenient rejection reason rather than the most accurate one.

  • I don't understand this bit - "This is to be absolutely clear that eligibility in Wayfarer and acceptance in Ingress are not equivalent. "

    In the past, my portals were both eligible AND accepted in Wayfarer. I review in Wayfarer every day and never once have I accepted a candidate in a specific game. I accept or reject in Wayfarer for additions to that database, and then the proximity rules automatically determine which games will see the end result.

    Can you provide your definition of the words "eligible" and "accepted" to clear up any confusion?

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    Wayfarer should say hey your poi has been accepted, it will now show up in the following Niantic Games... Ingress, Pokemon Go, ect...

    But sure, less incentive to submit stuff. This just seems like another change to see how to make the process su-ck even more.

  • Distance rules of ingress. Fairly often, portals will be totally eligible but will not make it into the game due to being too close to other portals. They will, however, make it into other games. This is what they are attempting to disambiguate by giving a clear accepted/rejected for wayfarer, and then accepted/rejected for ingress after that (in the future).

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    PoGo only allows one PokeStop within a given L17 (I think) S2 cell. However the conditions for "Too close" in Ingress are no other portals within 20m.

    I honestly don't know if two POIs that are closer than 20m but split by an S2 cell border would both appear in PoGo but the second passed over in Ingress.

    Thus the *internal* criteria for portals to appear is different.

  • It's still unclear. "Eligibility" should be used to denote that a potential candidate meets base requirements as a Point of Interest. "Acceptance" occurs after peer review of the submitted candidate in the Wayfarer database. There should probably be another word, "Publication" or "Go-live" or something, to indicate the final step where an eligible, accepted candidate appears in a game or games.

  • Then, will there be a wayfarer map that contains all "eligible" submissions?

    I know this question is more wayfarer-related and probably should be asked on the wayfarer forum.

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    My portal photos that was accepted this winter still wont appear ingame. Will this fix that?

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    There was an equivalent post just posted to the wayfarer forum with some more clear wording and dates.

  • oh god so late

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    "Portal nominations, and photo submissions and edits will be delayed for several weeks"

    Does this mean we won't be able to nominate / submit? We will still be able to nominate / submit - but they won't be reviewed? Will Ingress agents be able to review nominations from PokemonGo, but not from Ingress? Will the review process be completely down, but the nomination process is completely fine? What part of "nominations, and photo submissions and edits" is being delayed???

    This NianticOfficial posting is mostly about emails. I have 299 portals accepted, but none in the past couple months. How long have there been separate emails for eligible vs accepted? Do I need to go back thru emails starting in 2017?

    When will we get Recon badge credit for edits and pictures? I gave up reviewing with my Recon at 19,859. I have earned my double-onyx wings, and look forward to resuming reviewing once I have credit for what I've already earned. Otherwise, it's just depressing that 1 of 4 new reviews is an edit or picture, so won't count.

    Every time I ride past a portal with a terrible picture, and my accepted better picture is not shown, it cuts a little deeper. Hopefully they'll be synchronized with this update.

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    As far as I'm aware, there is no rule that woukd give something to other games and not ingress (until this announcement of course). The only distance rule is the 20m and the others have that as well

  • gazzas89gazzas89 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Pogo had the 20m rule and I'm fairly sure that hasn't changed (though there was a wee bit of a bug where they were appearing in game, after gl fest, if they were in seperate cells but within 20m, but the pokestop would then dissapear after a couple of days)

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