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Hello everyone!

I would like to ask for you opinion about a new drone feature i think it can improve drone usage and connection between agents.

What if.. a drone can pickup, store and drop only one item? If a drone is forced to return to an agent, the item is dropped and can be a treasure for the attacker (i dont know if mark a drone with load it would be a good idea). the load will dropped closer to the portal, like keys when you broke a link.

Imagine this situation, i can interchange items to my friend faction agent who lives in another city, i would have to:

- drop the item i want to send (capsule if i want more than one item)

- move my drone close to that item.

- pickup item (using Dronenet).

- return Drone to my hand ;)

- travel to my friend city and move the Drone to a portal.

When my friend will be able to take up that load, he must ask me for me to Drone item drop action.

- He pickup the item and can drop a item i can pickup with my drone and get to myself as soon as i return my drone.

This method can allow to interchange items not in the same time and still require an agent to travel if you are not able to move the drone to the destination.

Ingress is about moving and NEEDS improve the interaction between agents.

We al know the weak points: BAF + spoofing. But with a strong community and good interaction between agents the game will grow.

What do you thing? Thanks for reading.



  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2021

    Ingress is about moving and NEEDS improve the interaction between agents.

    Which is exactly what you'd make less necessary by allowing distanced items exchange.

  • jjavierjjavier ✭✭✭

    What I'm thinking about is avoiding the problem of matching time with agents, using the Drone as it were you.

    Everybody in the past has drop items that has expired and removed, or other agents picked up before the destination agents came there.

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