[Bug/Gameplay Feedback] Scout Volatiles are not distributed properly in urban vs rural areas

thesolothesolo ✭✭✭✭✭

Currently, Scout Volatile portals are weighted poorly, being flatly limited to one portal in each Level 14 cell, regardless of portal density.

However, the net effect of this is that in rural areas, a very large percentage of portals are scout volatiles, whereas in urban areas, a very tiny percentage of portals are volatiles. This is extremely unbalanced and creates scale problems.


Urban Area, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Over 60 portals, 2 volatiles. ~3% volatile.

Suburban/Exurban area, Southern NJ. 19 portals, 6 volatiles. ~31% volatile.

Rural area, Virginia. 9 portals, 7 volatiles. ~77% volatile.

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