Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory

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I was sent here by the support bot:

Already posted in the wayfarer forum and by now i have 3 of those approvals, but an upgrade went live with centimeter distance to the 20m radius of another portal.

"i have got 2 portal submissions approved. both dont show up on intel or in ingress (they are more than 20m away from the closest portals) i also didnt geht a key for them. both approval mails came this week. Holocaust Memoriam: Jura Soyfer (28. Juli, 07:52), Playa de Palma Hotel ( 29. Juli, 09:15). please check them and make them appear and increase the stats. and dont tell me to resubmit them, that is not acceptable with the current wayfarer system. do you need any other information?"

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  • I saw a message on a report of this in the Wayfarer Forum to report this issue here. These two Wayspots were approved this morning but have not appeared in Ingress. I have not received the AP or the key for discovering new portals. They both appeared in Pokemon Go this afternoon.

    WEATHERFIELD LANTERN Location (35.791995, -78.804636)

    BLUE PAVILION AT HIGHLAND OAKS Location (35.784845, -78.813514)

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    These two have not shown up. But I had another email today that an un-upgraded nomination had been accepted, and that one did immediately show up in ingress. So this is an intermittent bug on the other two.

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    probably too close to existing portals in ingress.

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    are u sure they are visible ingame ?

  • That is the issue. They did not appear, i got no key and no stats+1

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    what did the email look like ? strange... if its not too close to existing more then 20m they should have been added.

  • The current standardmail in english. And as i only submit for ingress there is always a check for the 20m before submitting. And each location has another portal in about 100m distance but sure not within


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    Ok u got the standard new If the portal is accepted... but if its not too close to other existing it should have been added... i havent had this problem myself so cant say whats wrong then... :(

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    Despite approval mail this newly suggested portal did not show up in Ingress yet and I didn't get a portal key or a tick on the "portals discovered" counter, same issue as reported by @cyndiepooh. The wayspot definitely is not too close to any other portal (distance is at least 40m). It is online in PokémonGo though.

    These are the threads reporting the bug on the wayfarer forum. Screenshots, more details and other affected agents (like @kamikatze07) can be found there:

    @NianticCasey @NianticVK tagging you here as well. Please look into this issue, and tell us where and how to report correctly to get help for the individual wayspots/affected missing portals.

  • By now i am afraid of every mail from nominations@ because you dont know whats causing it. Stopped reviewing to not get upgrades and apparently i am not the only one. So it slows down everything

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    I got the same bug. POI exist only in pogo/hpwu (catan still unavailable here)

    Nothing on ingress nor intell.

  • i have been on vacation and just saw this. they are NOT close to anything. i marked the positions of the two that have not show up in ingress with a blue exclamation point and an S2 overlay to show how much distance this is

  • Hi, my portal named « Inauguration Ardea » got validated but didn’t appear on the scanner. However it did appear in pokemongo. The wayfarer community suggests that it is a common bug and that the support team could help fixing that. Many thanks, have a great day

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    I've had the same issue, Approved Portal hasn't appeared in Ingress. Not near any other portals.

  • Sorry for the delay, Agents! I understand that the submission is approved and yet, it is not showing up in the Scanner. Even after the review process, the submission might go through some additional automated review, and then it will be made live in the game. If the location is eligible to show on Ingress, then the Portal might show up in a few days.

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    And what causes the sudden increase of such nominations from different players?

    Usually i get the mail and can check intel and share the portal with the local com for upv/upc immediately. Never ever had a delay. And with nothing close by it is not expected to be delayed by other background checks

    Edit: funfact

    One of my 3 affected approvals has been previously rejected shouldn't matter as i have many that needed more attempts.

    2nd one is a hard to get through info sign to a streetsign with info why the street was named this way. So u was happy to get it finally approved and dissapointed to not see it.

    3rd one was a hotel. And was approved in a record time of about 4 days without upgrade. Impossible to resubmit because some 1000km away.


    Why is there this sudden increase?

    What other checks are there? Would help to chose the nominations and not waste time

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @Tyxlep! I understand that the submission is approved and yet, it is not showing up in the Scanner. Even after the review process, the submission might go through some additional automated review, and then it will be made live in the game. If the location is eligible to show on Ingress, then the Portal might show up in a few days.

  • I get your concern, @mortuus. However, the Portal will appear in-game in the coming days if it is eligible.

  • And i just got another one approved that did not appear on intel. It is getting ridiculous

  • Maybe the 20mts distance rule was changed? 🤔

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    Okay but this is not something mentioned in the emails you get so many agents are confused when they get such email.

  • Something similar, but even rarer, is that near here requests have been sent and in the end the exact same mail as the one mentioned in this thread arrives, however there is not AP, there is no key to discover the portal. And worst of all: the proposal is send again (and despite the fact that the Wayspot is not created in any of the games). In Wayfarer at the time of review, the option to mark as duplicate appears 😒

    this is happening often in the last days

  • Then it should be announced

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    sounds to me some sort of database sync error unless they changed something they need say so otherwise more will be confused since the email says nothing about additional review needed.... very strange.

  • Additional info: in the wayfarer forum are a few more players with this "issue" so this is absolutely not normal from a players point of view

  • I have submitted my specific example of this bug on the Wayfarer board. I do not nominate Waypoints as Portals or Pokestops: I nominate them in Wayfarer, as Waypoints. My missing "portal" was eligible in Wayfarer, shows as accepted, appears in Pokemon Go as a Pokestop, but yet does not appear in Ingress. I don't review for specific games, I review in Wayfarer - so why should there be different eligibility rules or additional scrutiny for specific games?

  • @NianticVK thanks for the reply :-)

    When will I know that the "additional automated review" process has finished ?

    If the additional review has resulted in a rejection of the portal, will I be told about the reasons why, so that I can avoid doing the same "mistakes" in the future ? Thanks !

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