Approaching a selected portal the scanner blanks out

On some rare occasions, not frequently. I have had a problem when I have selected a portal preparing to hack usually. As I get in range the scanner goes blank. This is occurred only a handful of times. But enough now that I wanted to make Niantic aware of the issue. This is on an Android phone. Curious if others had this happen.

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  • When the screen goes blank, do you see a faint Ingress logo against the black screen (i.e. Battery Saver Mode turns on when the top of the phone is tilted)? Or do you mean that the Ingress app crashes when you walk up to a Portal?

  • @NianticBrian Does not crash. I can check for you about reproducing the issue by tilting the phone. But I do not think this is the case ... I will let you know once I go out today. Sorry I do not remember all the details on the screen... I was always quick to press the back button and things went back to normal and I was driving... lol... people walk and play Ingress? really :-p

  • I have this - i either get a black screen or a screen with hexagons all over it. But i discovered if i go ahead and scan anyway just guessing where it is pointed, the playback shows a normal scan.

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    And did you click through the "Do not play Ingress while driving" notification to get into the game?

    PS I've had the screen go blank too, but usually it's after I've deployed or hacked and returned to the map - and the map screen is just black. There's a memory corruption bug somewhere - I've had several different weird effects happen today.

  • I have uninstalled and re-installed and have not seen the problem after doing that, I will say something if it happens.

  • This has happened to me on two more occasions... you can still deploy or hack because only the center part of the screen with the portal was blanked out... do what you want with this information...

  • Here is an example of the blanking out of a portion of the scanner... only the portal is missing as you can see all the buttons light up

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