C.O.R.E. subscribers and the Onyx Key Locker [Closes 2^H9 August]

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If you are a current C.O.R.E. subscriber already at the 6 Key Locker limit, we will delete ONE Key Locker from your inventory should you wish to purchase the Onyx Key Locker.

Request deletion here: https://forms.gle/tt1sbDxyjx7PFmva9

Edit: Deadline to request this is 2 9 August, 1600 UTC.

This is for one key locker only and you will need to purchase the Onyx Key Locker if you choose to (or any other color if you want) at the regular price (3700 CMU). You will want to make sure the Key Locker is empty as any keys in the one you request deleted will be lost.

This isn't a fast/easy thing so deleting will not be immediate and will be done one at a time. If you request this, please have patience with me while I work on it!

Edit 2: Edited first sentence to hopefully clarify and adding some additional commentary that hopefully doesn't make anyone MORE confused. Some Agents may already have 6 Key Lockers. In Ingress Year 5 (long before my time so apologies if I get any of this not exactly right), Niantic gave away a free Key Locker to those who were playing during that year's anniversary event. That means if they already had 5 Key Lockers in Year 5 and then redeemed the anniversary gift, they had 6 Key Lockers. Those Agents are unable to get the Onyx one now because they are already at the max Key Locker limit (6).

Hopefully that didn't add confusion 😬

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