The Pokemon GO Raid Egg Thing Should Be A Portal

Pokemon GO Fest happened, and they had these massive Raid Eggs in select cities. Next year it should be a portal that give a special loadout or something. Combine NL-1331 and the First Saturday loadouts or something like that. I think a lot of us play both games, and it would nice to have that incentive to open the scanner. Also, it could play into the lore (I see those eye rolls), because we're agents investigating an anomalous event, but in a parallel universe (pogo universe).


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    Don't get me wrong, but the fact that both games are somewhat mixed has caused so many problems that I'm going to just disagree to any other cross gaming stuff, even if it is just temporary portals.

    And yes, eye-rolls here.

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    Seasonal or temporary display. zero stars

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    Ask in Wayfarer community.

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    I'm not suggesting a cross-game story. Just "Hey, this thing should be a POI in both games because why not?"

    NL-1331 is a temporary portal, as was all of the 13 Magnus Reawakens art things. This would be the same.

    All I'm saying is if you have the thing in one game, why not just put it in all your games for the day for fun

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    A "raid" of sorts could certainly exist in Ingress.

    -A single battle beacon, but it runs for an hour, and there's 1 or 2 in the city at the time during the event? AP awarded based on how much you did to it during the hour, with a multiplier if your side won?

    -Some kind of XM structure appears, one which accepts no resonators, but can be hit with L8 glyph hacks, highest score takes it for their faction, giving a buff in 10-20km radius (+25% AP gain, attacks do +25% damage, that sort of thing)?

    -Portal temporarily has 30 resonator slots and 10 mod slots for a few days?

    Those are just 3 ways it could work off the top of my head.

    For the people saying, "oh, we can't get any ideas from PoGo, ever". From day 1, PoGo has used the portal network and a similar leveling system (and now badge system for post-40), and they're both AR games with major RPG mechanics. There's going to be some overlap, and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as they're distinct games. Saying "Ingress must never improve because we might touch on something PoGo does" simply isn't good for the long-term health of the game (and ability for it to change at all).

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    I think that will be a constant struggle with this game. A substantial amount of OG agents who moan and complain any time something new is added, hanging onto the glory days of the game, completely ignorant to the fact that the game is different now with way less people playing. Not only is the game different to some degree (areas with no competition or back and forth), but as other AR games evolve, Ingress looks less attractive than other games that ARE evolving, adding new features, keeping the hook set on attention and in general, entertaining people. I'm not saying Ingress should be any other thing than what it is, but getting new people to stick with Ingress benefits everyone, even if that's some new features that mimic another AR game or shake up how things have always been played.

    Seeing people lose their minds over things like apex boosts because of the 2xAP is just laughable in my opinion.

    All that to say, I'm all down for temporary portals, temporary glyph hack competitions, mini games/competitions. Stuff that get people trying new things. Yes, the game is about triangles. But I guarantee something like a massive object that just appears in a cell for 7 days, with some objective, will get people competitive real quick. Glyph points or maybe total links (xfac starburst style). These links might be a different color that are "above" the existing links and fields we see now, they would match the "height" of this new massive structure and can only be linked to from portals inside the cell. Keys could be hacked from the structure or maybe earned by some other means.

    Just spit balling really. I'm so down to try new things, get crazy and have some fun.

    PS I don't believe these temporary or large scale type things should overlap. Meaning, bringing a bunch of PoGo trainers to the same street as a bunch of Ingress agents wouldn't make sense. Even if the object was different, just thinking about volume of people.

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    It's a Pokemon Go event, meant for Pokemon Go. Bringing a major event POI from one game to another would cause a conflict of interest. Imagine once anomaly seasons come back (if they ever come back) that all the volatile portals in an anomaly area became a special POI in Pokemon go. In the physical world those POIs could be over ran by PokeGo players and ruin the anomaly experience for Ingress Agents. I think cross game *head nods* are good but not cross game events.

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    All I'm asking is that if it's a POI in one game, Make it a POI in another game, and give us some sort of bonus output. If Niantic wants to add an ingress competition or raid or something to it, that would be cool too, and they can figure out the logistics and stuff of having two game competitions in the same space. I just had the thought, if I'm already here standing in front of this thing for one game, it would be neat to be able to open the other game too, and get some sort of bonus out of it.

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    Well the 13 magnus portals have been in the same spot for several years.......

    Also timely facebook memories.......

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    But but why stop at 2 games...

    Any overlap would get complicated quickly....

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    Ask Ethan about the time he "accidently" deleted NL-1331

  • The Pokemon Go fest was mainly for paid trainers right? It costs about 4,95 to join. Where in Pokemon it doesn't really matter for a team or person to spend funds in the game, it would be really messed up that if a team has a lot of players that are going to pay 4,95 to get the extra gear there will be a massive benefit.

    Secondly if we do the events at the same time, wouldn't we crash the whole thing? As Ingress is already terrible slow during Pokemon Go Fest, if you do it both at the same time it sounds double so bad.

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