The portal approved for application is not displayed.

before. However, even though it was approved by Wayfair, the portal has not been created, and it has not been created until now. May I know why?

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Depending on its proximity to other Portals, not all eligible Portal nominations will be added to the Ingress app and Intel Map; however, the nomination may still appear in other Niantic games.


  • There are multiple reports of this kind of problem, portals approved but didn't appear on intel.

  • I want you to fix it quickly. I guess there are a lot of people who have this.

  • Can you share the location of that portal?

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    @BlueSeeker12 please take into account that many people who respond are other agents like yourself and are not niantic employee's unless they are designated as "NianticABC" just like myself and @MatiasM20 we are agents just trying to help but can't "just fix it".

    There have been quite a few reports that even i have seen that are talking about a portal syncing issue where the have been validated but not appearing in game or via intel

    I have seen certain portals not appear in all games,however the intel map does normally show them all but what doesn't show up in pokemon go normally shows up in Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU).

  • I know that's Agent Ingres or a Pokémon user. I'm an Ingress user and now I can apply for a portal, and other ones are approved, but I'm a little disappointed and depressed because the bug reporting portal hasn't been seen on the portal hasn't been seen on the surface yet.

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    By default i most of us that are replying in the forum here are dedicated Ingress Agents that can or can't play but trying to keep up to date with things that go wrong and try to get the attention of the Niantic Team members that can maybe look into it for you where most new users on here don't know how to do so...I for one believe that the longer your with a certain "company" they can see this from your stats or posts to prove your loyalty/worthiness to them) and they then know your not a fly by night user and are trying to help the "company" rather than just commenting on just one thing then vanishing,well done on working up the levels to be able to submit portals/nominations it's not an easy job to do (pre-apex)...I started with HPWU and then researched real world locations and how they worked and found ingress to run side by side I then ended up getting pestered to join Pokémon Go when I found my real world friends played that more than the other games for other reasons. But if I had to chose one it would be "Ingress" when it works bug free.

    Like @Alisizer mentioned above can you provide the GPS CO-ORDINATES of the portal you have tried to add/have had accepted either from your acceptance email or from your photo and then we'll look to see if it's validated on the intel map.

  • This is the ingress community forum, lets keep it only for ingress. 😊

  • Do you know what to do? It's because I don't know it well. Should I just write a regular tag so that you can see it on Ingress?

    @ingress Like this?

  • @PhantomR1982 I will attach the approval message from the email you said you needed and the street view link I took. Can you check it?,127.5816116,3a,75y,160h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipNNfv_HY2L1RfukcCSaIku2ubu1gjFU3jbiyP-L!2e10

  • @BlueSeeker12 The portal should now appear in the Intel Map. Please refresh and access the Intel Map again to see the changes.

  • @NianticVK For a few days, I refreshed my Intel map and checked that it was not displayed on In-Game. The portal I applied for has been approved, but only this one doesn't show properly. I'm so upset and depressed.

  • It doesn't show up because it is too close to other portals.

    Niantic recently changed the Ingress submissions emails.

    They don't tell you anymore if it was too close, you just get the generic one you have gotten.

  • @XQlusioN I think it's a bit harsh. I applied for a portal while I was doing rehabilitation exercises. It makes me feel good. Isn't it too harsh to just keep it quiet? The portal was approved because it was close by e-mail, but it didn't say that it wouldn't be made, so is it comfortable to say so?

    And it's not a day or two, I've been waiting for emails for a few days, and if I can't, I'm writing to the forum, is that too much?

  • @XQlusioN And you don't think I've ever checked the location of the interfering portal while playing this game and applied? I checked while playing the game that the portal near it kept moving.To avoid interference, I applied for the location further back on the actually approved portal, but it is upsetting that the nearby portal moved and forced interference.

  • @BlueSeeker12 Upon reviewing the submission we were able to see it in the Intel Map. However, to take a closer look at it, please submit a request via In-app support. One of our agents will assist you with this.

  • @NianticVK So the portal has already been created? The portal has not been identified within the in-game. This is the only portal I've applied for and approved. Can you tell me how long it will take to make a request within the in-game?

  • @NianticVK Intel Maps says you can check the portal, but why is it not displayed in Intel Maps and games even though the portal I applied for has been approved? Something doesn't seem to make sense. I'm still checking every day to see if the portal was created in Intel Maps and InGame.

    Also, I heard that you checked it on Intel map, can you upload it and show it to me? If it's not produced even after approval, I think I need to confirm it.

  • I can understand your concern, @BlueSeeker12! Here's a screenshot of the submission from Intel Map. That being said, if you haven't already, please submit a ticket so that we can take a closer look at it.

  • @NianticVK - from a thorough look on Google Street View, it would appear that there are multiple arches with the park area that look similar. The portal you have provided is a different arch and location than @BlueSeeker12 is referring to.

    @BlueSeeker12 - the image below shows the Google pin for the Street View coordinates you provided and portals in the area. As others have said, the email you received is a new template which is perhaps less clear for cases when a submission is accepted by Wayfarer but is too close to other portals to be made live in Ingress.

    In this case, it is my belief that the submission is too close to other portals to be made live in Ingress hence why it is not visible in game or on intel. The submission has been accepted as a valid Wayspot however so it may be added to other products or at a future time potentially if there is a change in the Ingress product environment.

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    @NianticVK Thanks for the advice, but the place you pinned is already approved and it's different from the street view I attached above. I already got to know because Niantic replied. And you can tell that the name itself is wrong. I doubt that it is a rough confirmation. The English name for the photo you posted is "The Door Full of Love," and the portal that I had been approved and not installed is "The Door Full of Happiness." I want you to check it properly.

    @ATR0P0S Thank you for letting me know properly. I've already reported to the Niantic Ingame and got a reply. It was the same as what you told me, so I got a reply and checked it now. Thank you for your advice.

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    @NianticVK Do you realize that you misrepresented and acted on the other portal? I keep looking for it, and I think I suffered a lot by myself. Portal naming is wrong! Two words! I asked you to post it because the picture is different from the street view link I left at the beginning. Do you know how hard it was to think I was wrong? Please, I want to have fun playing the game. I beg you.

    I'm still doing rehabilitation exercises and treatment, so I'm trying to move even if it's hard. Please I beg you. I want to have fun playing games.

  • I apologize for the confusion caused, @BlueSeeker12! The Portal that you are referring to will not go live because it's too close to another live Portal. I hope this clarifies.

  • @BlueSeeker12 , if your approved portal is too close to another one - you can report that another portal to slightly change its location

    @NianticVK , what is the minimal distance between portals allowed in ingress? (What is "too close" in meters?)

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    @NianticVK I got it. I applied for the portal again and checked the interference distance with other portals, and two were approved, but they were not installed, so I changed the location and applied. Please check again just in case.

    I hope that the movement of the existing live portal will no longer be possible without an application for modification.

  • @Alisizer please do not edit the location of the Portals unless the Portal is in the wrong location. Submitting unnecessary or invalid location moves can lead to suspension or termination of your Wayfarer account.

    @BlueSeeker12 The new nomination you've submitted will not go live either due to the proximity to the live Portal.

    I'll be closing this thread. If you have further questions regarding your nominations, please post it in the Wayfarer Community:

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