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  • I completed my 6 missions, and did not get a tick on the Mission Day badge.

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    I did 6 missions,and I have never done any before today (11 July), and I did not get a tick on the Mission Day badge.

    I did a 7th one and I still got no tick on the Mission Day badge. And that one was also a new one.

  • Same here. Did 6 new unique missions with my teammate dolfe46, neither got +1 on MD medal :/

    My weekly stats:

    Do we need to do separate 'reports'? Or will NIA check all players at the end of period and adjust MD counts?

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    I did 6 new missions (I'm the author of the missions as well, the missions are live since last year) a few hours ago and didn't get a tick up either. Missions are named Pärimusa2.0 - Folk's not dead! 1/6...6/6.

    Don't really have anything else to do nearby before the event ends and I'm happy with a confirmation that the 6 I did is sufficient and that I'll be getting a tick later.

    Anything else I need to do @NianticThia ? Thanks for looking into this!

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  • What md missiobs are there in copenhagen

  • Same Problem here.

    Did 6 complete new mission...

    Was It necessary to RSVP for this event?

  • Hi!

    I've completed 11 unique missions and still haven't had my mission day badge uptick from 10 to 11. Please advise on what I can do and can you please look into it? @NianticThia

    Much thanks!

  • Help me, @NianticThia.

    I completed 10 new unique missions today by banner Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year and no MD badge increment.

    Missions names are :

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 1/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 2/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 3/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 4/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 5/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 6/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 7/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 8/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 9/42

    Beauty of 4 Seasons of the Year 10/42

    According to your published news, you had to complete 6 unique missions before 12.07.21 19:00. Today is 07/11/21 and nothing was counted. Please correct it to count +1 MD

  • Hi,

    I have completed 18 missions and no badge… Thx for looking.

  • I did 6 unique mission s and it didn't bump my mission day count. I was already platinum at 10 and after doing the 6 unique ones for ingress second Sunday, I didn't get an uptick in my mission day count.

  • 2p32p3 ✭✭
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    Same for me - this afternoon I completed a new 12 mission banner which I hadn't completed before and did not receive the +1 on my mission day counter. I was on two and it should have ticked up to silver with 3 MDs attended.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Niantic is asking that you fill this form out instead of posting on the forums if you did not receive your mission day tick.

  • Yesterday I did 6 Missions but the MD Counter did not move Up. I also filled out the Google Form but nothing happened while I Knie at least from one agent that his counter has been corrected after filling out the Form.

  • Dear @NianticThia,

    my partner (@0bliterate) and I have both done 7 missions and our MD badge has not been pushed to us. : (

  • Hi everyone. We've started a Google form to collect agent names of those who did not receive their Mission Day badge tick.

    If you have already posted here, if you can do this form as well, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your patience while we are getting this fixed!

  • Niantic is asking that you fill this form out instead of posting on the forums if you did not receive your mission day tick.

  • I live in Alberta, Canada. Plenty of the empty space on that map is far from tundra. Alberta has two cities with populations over 1 million. They are 300km apart. Only one (Calgary) has had an official Mission Day according to that map. I live in a smaller city that is about 250km from Calgary. I also know of an active player base in another smaller city that's over 700km from Calgary. Cities are just really far apart here.

    Please, Niantic, either allow non-MD missions to count or let us submit our own MD missions for those areas that don't already have pre-existing MD missions. Otherwise, all this event does is further privilege the players who live in major metropolises.

  • I reported that I did NOT receive the Mission day badge for the July 2021 second Sunday missions. I did complete the 6 said missions all are new and Unique and the badge is still locked and still hasn’t been pushed out! (Update) I did go out the morning of the Monday the 12th of July 2021 before 12/Noon E.S.T. & completed a 7th mission just to be safe and see if that would push/unlock the Mission Day badge for me but still NO LUCK , No badge still! Posted are the amount of badges completed this past week and also one of the badge still being locked!

    please unlock fix Thanks in advance!

    -0bliterate Level 9/Recursed / Enl

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    Mission Day missions are nearly always designed by the local community and merely published by Niantic. Some fairly small cities have agents who have done this work. Los Angeles does not.

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    Actually, Los Angeles has been passed over. Not lazy. Niantic still chooses who to bless with an MD, no matter who applies.

  • No dia 11/07/2021 eu fiz as 6 missões durante o evento De mission day e a Minha medalha não foi desbloqueada me eu gostaria de saber quando será solucionado esse problema?

  • @Niantic no me dieron la medalla MD por hacer las 6 misiones únicas en el evento 🥺


  • So I did 12 unique missions on Sunday July 11 but I haven't received my Mission Day badge. What's going on?

  • My dissatisfaction is probably a privilege considering the comments about some in the world not having official Missions by NIA anywhere near their cities, but we have 3 different ones in San Diego County and they are all really old missions that have already been completed by many. We have to redo these again? I mean, NIA couldn’t have at least made new missions for Second Sunday? C’mon man. 😒🤷🏽‍♂️

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    I've noticed that roughly half of the Mission Days in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic USA have the year listed in the title or on the mission badge. I'm probably going to avoid all those. Don't want to do missions that say "2017, 2018, 2019" on them in 2021.

  • Hopefully Sydney is out of lockdown so we can leave our houses for this mission day.. The only official NIA missions are in the CBD which is out of reach to so many players due to restrictions.

  • There are a lot of people so I'm not going to try to tag you all --- but I went through and did another batch. You should see a +1 to your MD badge and the stat should show in your MONTH stats.

    Thank you all for your patience!

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