Second sunday, help . I want medal!



  • NeokondorNeokondor ✭✭
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    Good day. Our agents complete 6 missions, but does not have +1 MD medal. Check please.





  • ZomerMZomerM ✭✭

    Completed 7 missions, and have no medal( @ZomerM

  • Agent: 3DOutdoors

    This is not me, it is a buddy that I am helping out. Trying to get him into the forum to submit but I figured I would try this way at least.

    He did 12 missions today for the “Statue of David” in Sioux Falls, SD and has not received the Mission Day medal.

    I had no issues with it yesterday when I completed it.

    Thank you for your help on this!


  • MalyakMalyak
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    I complete 6 mission in Sunday but no md medal

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    E completado las 6 misiones y no me dió la medalla del evento nesecito la medalla nombre de nikc: nelsonacosta . Correo : [Redacted]

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  • Completed 6 missions in Riemst got no medals :(

    Plz help


  • Did 7 unique missions. But did not receive the mission day reward.


    Thanks in advance

  • Hello, 6-mission banner done, no MD.

  • Did 8 missions still didn't get badge. Do you need the names?

  • Nesecitamos la medalla 3 jugadores hicimos las misiones. Y ni a uno nos no dió

  • I completed 6 new missions today. No badge tick.

  • Also didn't get a tick on my badge. Completed 5 yesterday and the 6th today.

    Agent Name: thundermuse


    Find Your Wisdom (new)

    Governor Nelson State Park (new)

    Mendota County Park (repeat)

    A Tale of Two Waters - Part I (repeat)

    A Tale of Two Waters - Part II (new)

    Explore Stricker Park (new)

  • Same issue. Completed 6 new missions today. No badge tick.

  • I am having the same issue. Completed 6 unique missions but no credit to my mission day badge

  • kaldaikaldai ✭✭

    My nickname in Ingress is Kaldai .I just passed 6 new missions. But not got +1 to MD counter.

  • DcJestDcJest ✭✭

    Missions completed:

    Parco Agraria #1 to #6

    Agent Name: DcJest

  • here the same problem

    no +1 after 6 new mission. Mission name and ingress name are in the screenshot added.

  • I complete 6 mission in sunday but no md medal

  • I’m pewpewpewgg, did 6 of the required and no tick. -thanks

  • New post, can not find old one.

    Did 7 unique missions. No extra mission day.


  • One more with no medal tick

  • I have Completed six missions and I have yet to receive my MD point

  • I did 18 missions today, all new to me, and did not receive Mission Day credit. The missions were "Remembering BluesmanHAT 1-18" through "Remembering BluesmanHAT 18-18".


    Agent AvengingGinger

  • I have the same problem, 6 misión and no medal. Agent codename Rsenoidal

  • He completado más de 6 misiones y no he conseguido la medalla aún

  • Same for me.

    Agent name: wikineenie

    I did 6 mission (that I had done before) and then one new one.

    the missions Nijmegen City (4/24) through Nijmegen City (9/24) and then added Nijmegen City (10/24).

  • Hi everyone. We've started a Google form to collect agent names of those who did not receive their Mission Day badge tick.

    If you have already posted here, if you can do this form as well, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your patience while we are getting this fixed!

  • hi, can help me with medal please

  • Llevo 8 misiones realizadas y no me da la medalla de este evento, ayuda por favor. Agente IDVC811

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