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    It doesn't even have to be a banner, to clarify. Any 6 missions qualify for July's event.

  • Very good news. But it seems to me that +1 to the medal should be ONLY for completing NIA missions.

  • this have been very helpful!

    however notice some mission day mission here , I am unable to locate its start portal in intel, as in I Goes to the portal in question but on seeing the available missions that start from it the specific mission day mission is missing, is that intended?(i.e is that mission day mission removed?)

  • Given that Niantic's Ingress team has offices in Los Angeles, I really find it strange that there have never been missions created by Niantic in LA itself.

  • Do I need any registration to participate in the event?

  • vidiconvidicon ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nope, just go out and do missions. And one of my local agents has confirmed that as soon as you do 6 (between now and 1600 UTC on Monday), you'll get the MD badge credit.

  • Howdy,

    What to do if official mission for official MD event in town and starting portal was removed from the world?

  • So when the mission day for official mission gonna happen the next sunday or next month?

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Niantic, I have a 6-part #SecondSunday banner still sitting in the queue. Would very much appreciate a response before the event ends.

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    For July, you can do any 6 missions. If you want to do official missions you can, or you can do agent-submitted missions. You have all weekend to get them done (until Monday at 1600 UTC). No matter how many missions you do (beyond the required 6), you will only get 1 credit for your Mission Day badge.

    In August & September, you will need to do official missions, and you will have to do them on Sunday in your local timezone to get credit (again, maximum of 1 credit per month).

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    metoo but if it wasnt reviewed before today u will need to wait monday as i never had banners reviewed during weekend :(

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    @NianticThia would you be able to help with this? Would be a shame if all those banners sat in the queue past the weekend...

    Edit: the title for mine has a #SecondSunday hashtag for search purposes.

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    @NianticOfficial @NianticThia I made 6 missions right now and I did not gain the medal. What I need to do? make +6?

  • @mortuus @kiloecholima can you LMK which missions you have pending? I can't promise anything but I'll see what I can do. (Note: you have PMs from me as well!)

  • I have this six missions pending since monday.

    Name of the missions: Second Sunday Buenos Aires


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    I sent you pm Thia, thanks for helping out.

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    Can we can get an official short URL for the Google Maps link - you know similar to the one you guys use with announcements?

    For example, this post uses to get here. I'm sure you guys will love the tracking measurements from it. 😶

  • Looks like there is not a counter in the stats for this event?

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    The area circled within Australia is pointless, barely anybody lives there. It's all desert. Same thing for Africa, there wouldn't be enough portals around those areas to even make a single mission, let alone a Mission Day mission. Some African countries don't even have more than a dozen portals in total!

    The western part of China is mostly desert too, so it would be similar. Don't know about Canada or Russia, but I would guess most of that would be tundra. Brazil's highlighting would mostly be the Amazon rainforest.

    Perhaps a better map to highlight areas lacking Mission Days would be population density, or even portal density.

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    My event banner is stuck in review. Second Sunday Borås 6/6. 5 out of 6 got approved.

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  • It would be nicer if it would be a separate badge for which u could always do 6 separate missions (maybe even 6 separate new missions that u have not done before). Im living in a city of over 200.000 and official mission is available here. I'd need to travel about an hour which is impossible since I don't drive. It would be cool if experience from pandemic would be taken and there would be more local/virtual events and their medals and medals for people that can and want to travel. That way those folks could still show of their medals and u would see that they travelled but people that can't travel and/or don't have anything nearby could still work with their local portals

  • 3TEN3TEN ✭✭

    There are no official missions in my city. The nearest place with that quest is a city more than 400km away from me. I also can't move because of the pandemic. Unfortunately. So sad!

  • @NianticThia Is there anyway to fast track the reviews of the missions i have submitted for the my region ?

    We have a strict lockdown and travel ban on Weekends and i dont have enough missions to complete mission day.

    The coming month's event will need agents to complete Official Missions, which is also not available in any city of our state, the nearest one is approximately 500+ KM away. Even if i have to plan to travel, it will again fall on weekends with travel restrictions.

    I have submitted over 30-40 missions since the start of the month and if those can be fast tracked, i can hopefully do them all on Monday when i can travel. Thanks.

  • I have submitted 6 missions on Wednesday (7th July) for the Second Sunday but I have yet to hear anything (no approval or rejection notification) until now. Appreciate if you could also help to have a look @NianticThia .

    Mission names: Second Sunday July 2021 - Kuala Lumpur #01 to Second Sunday July 2021 - Kuala Lumpur #06 .

    My region is currently under lockdown so I am not allowed to travel to another region which has more missions available, that was the reason I created the missions in my region just for July's Second Sunday. Thanks.

  • Hi @NianticThia! Yesterday in the afternoon I made 6 unique missions and I did'nt gain the medal😔

  • There are three entire provinces in Canada with no MD missions - Newfoundland, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. That's a few million people right there and a real expensive ferry for the Newfies. It's a very long drive From anywhere in Manitoba to get to the nearest one too, since the only ones in Ontario are in the SW and you have to drive around the Great Lakes. Even if the border was open, there's none on the US side either across from them.

  • So I did six missions and that got my platinum badge. Really quick and smooth! Great!

    Now I have a question.

    The nearest official MD city is a couple of hours away. But everything else is quite difficult.

    So if I go there and do six official missions in August - and then go back to the same city and do six different ones in September - will that work?

    Or would I need to go to a different city?

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