Open Letter to Niantic re: Spoofing

Please review the letter at the link below. Comments are welcome and encourged.


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    Also, to prevent some redundancy. This was also posted on reddit yesterday:

    Just wanted to provide this as a reference.

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    Spoofing should never be seen as faction specific - if anything, this is the "third faction" where you have people who will act in bad faith for the overall gameplay.

  • Thank you @Azhreia and @VAIN for your always insightful, informative posts regarding these issues.

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    I wish there was a more efficient way to report spoofers in all of NIA's apps. The ingame method is tedious and is not good when you have 10+ different spoofers a day that you are trying to report (Mainly PokeGO but the process is the same in Ingress). I miss the days when you could go to the Ingress website and view to see if your ticket is in process or was completed.

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    Yeah for real, I had my hands tied by only being able to do one report over the July 4th weekend for the large field spoofed up over Idaho by 5+ accounts. The first report didn't close until this Wednesday so I was unable to use support at all until it closed.

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    What's worked for me in the past: Visit using an "incognito" or "private" browser window. When done submitting the report, close the window, and open a new window for the next report.

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    With what happened in Idaho those got taken care of pretty fast. Those 5 accounts were removed quikly but the restoration of portals needed people at the office so they couldn't reset portals till they got back in. Those accounts were elevated pretty fast.

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    Wasn't sure what the situation on ground was there since I was only watching it happen remotely. Good to know it was dealt with quickly, but it sucks that people couldn't play during the long weekend if they had plans to

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    We deal with this at every reset in AM03-GOLF-00 (yes our anchor is spoofed this often). Spoofing has become a viable tactic to our opposing faction. They go out of their way to intentionally clog lanes hours before a reset preventing our links from being restored. Yet our time, effort, keys become null/void due to a link “prioritizing” loophole.

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