There are two drones at the same time

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This is not a bug I'm having.

It occurs in "kujinami", and there are multiple drones at the same time.

This is not suspicion, but information sent by the person himself.

He said that there are two drones at the same time and they are flying apart.

Both drones in the screenshot are mine.
I usually keep them apart so that they will not be shot down.
I'm wondering what happens if I move to the same place, but I don't like it if it disappears.

He said he used a bug to get onyx.

Thank you very much.
But my record is due to a bug.

He is about to attend the event with a bug.

There are 121 and 89 UPDVs on the second day of the event.
May I also participate?

The reason why the drone split into two due to the bug may be that two smartphones used different versions of the Ingress app.

Said the person himself.

Currently, the user event "Ingress World Wide competition July 2021"

Is being held, but it is also participating here,

and the score of Unique Portals Drone Visited will increase at once.

It is not a phenomenon that two units are displayed.

He can operate two drones, so he can fly once every 30 minutes.

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  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    I call BS on onyx trick,, but yes to visual glitch showing duplicate Drone.....

  • This could be a visual glitch, @Gunlod! Please reinstall the game if you haven't already. Do let us know if you're still seeing this.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Also worth noting that the "Big" drone centered in the middle of the portal is your drone, visible only on Remote Drone view.

    The little drone next to it is your drone as well, and is visible with the Drone Layer enabled. This is what other agents will see as well with that layer enabled. You don't have two drones. It's just a visual representation of your drone in two different "settings".

  • This happens when you have the drone layer enabled and are then also in remote drone view.

    You are seeing your drone directly above the portal and slightly larger due to remote drone view and also seeing the same drone off to the side and smaller due to the drone layer being enabled.

    It's a slightly counter intuitive interaction of the 2 features.

  • GunlodGunlod ✭✭
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    That's not the problem I'm having. It is occurring in kujinami.

    It's not a drone layer display issue.

    He have multiple terminals, and He can operate each drone with each terminal.


    This is a matter I consulted in the event chat.

    He is taking advantage of the bug and is not trying to report it.

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  • kittysukittysu ✭✭✭

    I cannot fathom how the interface would allow access to 2 different drones to give the ability to jump 2x per hour. If I switch to use a different phone, the server will not let me move again, even if the scanner on the 2nd phone initially thinks I can.

    Is it possible that kujinami is having a joke? Maybe they found someone else's drone on the next door portal and claimed both as their own for a Twitter post?

    There is another bug that could give falsely high UDVs if taken advantage of at the start of the competition. My UDVs do not always update, and I have seen it as much as 10 below what I expect it to be. I do not know how high I could take it if I knew how to trigger it and desired to influence my stats in such a way. Usually it annoys me when it happens as I am trying to check my records of portals my drone has visited and ensure in-app total and my total match, so I deliberately update the count by restarting the app, or taking an in game action such as recharge or hack.

  • GunlodGunlod ✭✭

    He has been saying this since August 2020. I don't think it's a joke.

    Either way, you can find out by investigating with Niantic.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    The only other explanation here is that this person has 2 accounts.

  • GunlodGunlod ✭✭
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    I would be happy if you could check it!

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  • GunlodGunlod ✭✭

    please confirm.

  • GunlodGunlod ✭✭


    please confirm.


  • @NianticBrian I'm having the duplicate drone problem. I have no control over which location it's showing but I have 2 drone locations. Sometimes it will let me move the drone and when I try to hack it where I just moved it, it gives me a "portal out of range" error. I then go out of the Dronenet and re-enter and find I'm at the other drone location. I can get drone hacks at both locations so I can get over 24 drone hacks in 24 hours. This is a problem. Especially with the stats challenge happening next month. I don't want to be accused of cheating when my drone stats are higher than they should be.

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