Missions being stuck in limbo

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I made a mosaic of missions in 2019 to commemorate the old scanner, with each mission being an item, as were were in the old style. Each mission was approved and the mosaic was popular.

When my country was in lockdown in November / December 2020, I took a lot of my missions offline, so I could improve the routes and have my best missions live.

Some agents who hadn’t completed the series, still wanted to do so, so without making any changes, I resubmitted each mission so they would be live, 23/24 were approved within a few days, and are live now. Mission 1 still hasn’t been reviewed. In March 2021, I withdrew and resubmitted, in case it was stuck, but now 4 months later, it’s still not been reviewed, while others report missions only taking a couple of days to be reviewed.

I haven’t tweaked anything about the mission, it is still the exact same as when I was previously approved.

Here’s the mission in question:

I’ve contacted Niantic support to see if they can look into it, or at least advise on what I should do. Has anyone else experienced long delays with odd missions?


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    Everyone has had struggles with missions. No one from Niantic has offered any clarity or why there are issues and if those issues might change at some point.

    The best advice is to keep submitting, with small changes, etc. We can try to advise you here, but it really does seem to be a crapshoot at times 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I've submitted two mission edits, one for additional portals to be added and adjust the route, the other one for removal of inaccessible portal within sports grounds. The former was approved within two days, the second one is stuck in limbo - makes no sense at all...

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    I think my longest in limbo was 16 months, for a new submission. A nearly identical replacement was eventually submitted, and approved in days. (Not part of a banner -- a simple "hack the 7 portals in this plaza" with original artwork in the style of a sign from the 1980s, simple text on a striped background.)

  • Trick is to delete it and start a new mission if this happens. I've had a couple happen like this before and I just removed it completely and made a new one with the same information and portals.

  • Funnily I've checked yesterday and just checked again and each of the submissions has today's date as "Edited XX.XX.XX" date. @NianticAkshay @NianticAndres @NianticBC @NianticBlue @NianticBrian can someone please look into this?

  • @NianticThia maybe you have some input on this?

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    I had the same thing and I imagine others do too.

    For any pending edit drafts I found opening the mission creator reset the last edit time to whenever I had opened it before, not sure if that was actually affecting my submission and changing where it was in the review queue or was just a display error but it did make me wonder.

    Just checked now and sure enough an edit I submitted Jul 2 and have not changed since showed last edit as being Jul 6, closed out and logged back in and it's now todays date and the time I opened it before.

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