My Sojourner isn't broken after 34-hour-gap between hacks

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    u are very close to break it so if u want that avoid hacking :s

  • Good, keep hacking.

  • @Alisizer Please confirm if your Sojourner Streak is still unbroken. Also, it'd be great if you could submit a ticket via in-app support along with the screenshot. Thanks!

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    You would need to skip a day of hacking (on both in-person and drone hacking) to break Sojourner. Your current Epoch streak would also break, but you can restart that. You won't lose your entire Epoch progress, only the current 7-day hacking streak. At most you'd be setting yourself back by 6 days.

    I hope that makes sense?

  • Thank you, I know it. I tried to broke Sojorner without breaking hackstreak for Epoch

    I thought that if I hack once in 00:05 Sat and at the ~10:00 Sun (~34 hours) - the Sojorner should be broken but streak for Epoch is continued

    Am I wrong?

  • Yes, my streak is active. But I can't send you anything via in-app support because of this:

  • @Alisizer Please choose another option other than Report a bug/Product feedback that is closer to the concern and you should be able to start a new conversation.

  • I've sent it

    Can you please repair your Remy to work properly?

  • Thanks for confirming, @Alisizer! You should be getting a reply soon. I appreciate your patience! Meanwhile, I'll be sure to share your feedback with the team.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2021

    This works as intended.

    To break Sojourner for sure, you have to not hack for at least 48 hours.

    This is because you have to skip an entire 24 hour hack period. These periods start on your first hack. The first hack starts 24h period. Then within 24-48h from the first hack, you hack again and this gives you the second day. Then within 48-72h from first hack (not from the second one!) you make your third hack and this gives you a tick, and so on. This way, if you make your very first hack at July 1 00:00, then you can make your next hack at July 1 00:00 + 47 hours = July 2 23:00, and since it still falls within 24-48h, it will give you a tick for the second day.

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Your best chance at achieving this is to hack at 00:00 on the first day and then 23:59 the next day.

  • kittysukittysu ✭✭✭
    edited July 2021

    I don't understand why you think this is a bug and, even if it is, why this is such a problem that you want Niantic to investigate and "fix" it.

    Sojourner has always given some amount of unpredictable leniency and you will see a number of different ideas of how it works.

    Some people say the 24h period is defined by the time of the first hack of the Sojo streak, but at least as many others (and my experience makes me think this way) is that the 24h period is updated each time you hack. But there is a grace period, that seems to be longer at weekends, or maybe not - who knows.

    If you really want to break Sojo but continue Epoch streaks, then kiloecholima's suggestion is the way to go - you have almost 48h between hacks, but do not miss consecutive days. This is close to guaranteed to break Sojo however its 24h is defined. And in case there is weekend leniency? Do it mid week.

    Since each Epoch streak is only 7 days, it is not a big deal if you go longer to ensure your Sojo is well and truly broken. And to minimise the impact on earning the Epoch badge, you can time your hacking break to be just after you have completed a 7 day streak, before you start the next.

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