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    For myself i will only unlock this badge as idont live in a city that has had anomaly or missionday yet so im happy in a way to atleast be able unlock the badge next week.. are u not happy about this either? if u need spend some money on travel i would say its worth it i would try do same....

    Also with missiondays u dont have to meet anyone really and stand in crowds, u can do mission yourself and keep distance to other player and large group crowds.

  • Nice idea 👍

    A doubt from a 24h-format user: 12am is midnight (event lasts 24h, all Sunday) or is noon (event lasts 12h)? 😅

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    I think they should allow new missions to be added under this (NiA) category, six per city to help every city to have it.

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    From the FAQ i get that i could do missions that i have completed once before, my question is if i can repeat the same 6 MD missions in august and september and that would that still give me 2 ticks on the Mission day badge? (Having done them before or not)

    Asking this because there might be 6 easier missions to do and repeat (less people around and faster mobility for agents since covid is still pretty much a threat everywhere).

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    And of course this proposal applies to September 2nd Sunday just as well, and all the forthcoming ones.

    I'm afraid we're not getting rid of 'the Delta' anytime soon.

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    There is a special mission created by MissionDaysNia for Cassandra Prime Sapporo.

    This is not an official mission day, but it is on the map. Is this mission eligible?

    Similarly, there are several GORUCK missions created by MissionsbyNIA. They are not Mission Day missions, but they are on the map.

    I' m sure there are many more non-mission day missions on the map. Will these also be included in the July and August tasks?

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    Exactly thus allowing local organization. I have immediately made a simple 6 mission skyline banner in my city for July. August and September should allow specially player made missions to count. That would be so much fun!

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    If u live in a MD city u can redo old banners and get tick on the badge, but i agree not everyone has the luxury live in a MD city so alot will need to travel.. seems weird to me not allow any banners.

    according to WHO Europe will get hit with a third wave in August seems like a bad idea encourage ppl here to travel far to do missionday banners instead of local..

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    For the MDs of August and September.

    There will be control and verification of participants in the local MD.

    Why would this give freedom to multi-accounts and spoofers to make and get that medal?

    What measures will there be?

    Should someone be contacted?

    We wait for answers. @NianticOfficial @NianticBrian 

    Agent JPC2Online - ENL Bolivia

  • Can i do a new 6 banner in my town or is it a special banner i need to do?

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    This Mission Day set in San Diego for 2016 isn't in the NIA filter, but it is MissionbyNIA, will this count for August or September, even if it isn't in the filter? I know the filter is working for the 2018 mission day in my neighborhood. NIA filters 2018, just no 2016 missions.

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  • This Mission Day set of Specially drawn comic characters from 2015 was in San Diego by InvestigatorX was taken down. I was wondering if it could be restored?

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    It seems like you can do any six mission in July, so a new banner would work, if you can get it approved in time. You can also do any six missions and even repeat six old ones I believe. You just can not repeat 1 mission six times. You need to do any six. Can be new and can be old. They do not need to be a banner.

  • The next city with MD Missions is more than 200km away ... is there a possibility to keep it as at the first date (any - or maybe new - 6 missions)?

    Thanks a lot and greetings from Austria,


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Time will tell in one month how things will look worldwide, if WHO is right there will be a third wave hitting europe in august :(

  • This is great that Ingress is adding more events, and as COVID restrictions are lifting, this is an opportunity to explore and still be safe. I enjoy going to different places and completing mission banners, a permanent mission Sunday would be a nice addition; however if this style event becomes permanent, I would suggest adding more official Niantic missions to smaller cities and towns

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    Sure, it's a viable day trip. But the text said without the need to travel, which is a silly thing to say when lots of people would need to travel.

  • It's so unfair ! I live In Yangon and there is no NIA mission here. How can I participate in this event?

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    In july u can do any 6 piece banner mission for badge even redo old local, its for august and september u need do official md Missions in selected cities sadly

  • The issue with Agents not having missions in range is why I proposed this as a virtual mission day, long ago:

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