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  • j'ai eu le même soucis de compte dupliqué, il y a 1 an environ ils m'ont envoyé un mail me demandant de choisir laquelle de mes adresses mail je préfèrais pour me connecter à mon compte ingress, ils ont réglé seulement maintenant le problème, et évidemment ils m'ont laissé l'adresse que je ne voulais pas, on se demande pourquoi ils laissent le choix......Bref j'ai redéplacé mon compte ingress/pogo sur mon mail principal

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    NIA Come on!!

    It's embarrassing. Solve this now and then have a nice weekend.

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    Time to step it up NIA !

    I have a hard time not to start using insults and bad language about how things are going in many areas of ingress, over and over again!

    There always seems to be issues, such as a simple bug fix that breaks something else that has worked flawlessly befour, servers that have slow response or down, support that feels like an insult every time.

    Account data is the holy grail and should have shadow and incremental backup and so on, function to restore it quickly if there are issues with it. But it seems more interesting to throw out new events one after another and add new features that take the game more and more away from its core.

    Maybe we all should cancel our subscription and refuse to join events until NIA steps it up.


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    Great job, Niantic! *slow clap*

    I canceled my CORE sub out of solidarity with the people above, and I probably will drop my play store rating. This isn't even funny anymore, Niantic is eager for people money yet offers such lack of basic service and support, and nothing changed for the better since CORE addition. They just grab more money than they did earlier.

    Thankfully I'm not the one affected (yet?).

    @NianticVK You can't "appreciate the patience" since there's no patience. It ran out long time ago. Now we're just watching how Niantic can embarrass itself even more.

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  • @Ejnstejn you mentioned a telegram group in your post above - how do I go about getting added to that? Telegram nick is @Caorunner the same as my broken Ingress account

    Today I had to add my daughter's email to my phone in order to play. This is still totally unacceptable and support has not replied to any of my emails since 19th May.

    As someone who pays for this game via CORE, this is totally unacceptable service from an organisation that makes millions.

  • @NianticBrian @NianticVK

    Account affected - @Caorunner

    Support ticket number: 13384126

    Last email from Support - Wed 19 May

    My situation: log in email t************* (personal email) changed to my daughters (j************* with no consent or warning. When I tried to move @Caorunner Ingress to a new gaming email address, @mistakeacc Ingress was created in error.

    Because of the change to login gmail by Niantic on 18 May, my Ingress is now showing on my daughters Niantic profile.

    My Ingress Wayfarer info is now under her email (although my reviews have not generated her a medal in PoGo... yet. Maybe there has not been a database sync since this happened?)

    In previous posts to this thread and in Support emails, I have suggested merging my profiles to replace @mistakeacc with @Caorunner on my true Niantic Profile. This morning I have been reading the Wayfarer Community Forum, and am now alarmed that deleting unwanted game accounts where they are linked under a Niantic profile has wiped everything - stats/noms/medal progress - from their Wayfarer for the game they have continued to play.

    If I can’t have all @Caorunner accounts together under one log in (with a merged Wayfarer too), then please please at least revert my Ingress log in for @Caorunner back to the gmail it was created on almost 5 years ago (t************* so that I am not using a third person’s email to access the game and equally as importantly, ensure my Wayfarer stats and medals remain unaffected in both games. I would rather this could be merged to one Caorunner profile but your system for linking and deleting accounts seems to prevent this from being possible.

    Because of this new info on deleting game accounts within a profile wipes all Wayfarer data, I am resigned to always having Mistakeacc linked to my Caorunner PoGo and HPWU, (and just hope that even though I’m not using it, it doesn’t get deleted for inactivity, or worse flagged as a backpack and both accs banned). If they can be all put under one email I’d be losing a few hundred Wayfarer credits - probably a price worth paying as it’s not 1000’s but I don’t want to lose Wayfarer access all together which it seems like I would if Mistakeacc is deleted.

    I know it’s Sunday, but I wanted to post to ensure that this issue is not forgotten and to raise the newly identified potential impact of protecting Wayfarer data when the solution/reversion is finally made by Niantic Support for everyone.

    And, as ever, posting under the level 1 @mistakeacc because @Caorunner has never worked as a log in for these forums 🙄

  • Any new Update for the involved Players?

    Or should all agents lost our Trust in NIA?

    Its about 6 days since that Login Bug...

    We all miss our teammates!!!

  • @NianticBrian @NianticVK what is going on?

    people are paying money for the game and this is slowly really embarrassing...

    Give us an update!

  • Is someone working on this issue?

    We have an agent that has not been able to play for 1 week now, and as far as I see is that not the only one with the same issue! (And it seems like the same issue have happened a couple of months ago for other agents?!)

    Have someone got help to get it working?

  • Did this agent contacted support with this problem?

    Yes, niantic is working on fixing agents accounts, there is a telegram group created for agents with this problem, contact me if want me to add.

  • MatiasM20: Please add MuminHunter to the telegram group. I have error with "No account" when logging in from Iphone, but not from Android.

  • I got the same problem too..please help.. all i have an such along jurney with ingress since 2018 was gone ? I have have a good memory's playing this game and now just can't login.

  • callewrcallewr ✭✭

    Have you got a invite to the telegram group if not whats your nick there?

  • I have another message from Agent @Grisatassen to the people who are supposed to deal with this matter at Niantic @NianticBrian @NianticVK :

    "Niantic! This is sad story has now been going on for 8 full days and 12 hours. You have a group of very loyal clients/customers stuck in a chat room on Telegram, where new people gets added every day, still waiting for you to fix whatever the problem is, that keeps us from being able to log onto the game. Doesn't sound that complicated, but hey... What do I know? The last thing we heard from you was sunday, when a message was conveyed from Ops that "there was a group assigned to deal with the matter" and since then, just schtumm.

    I think I speak for everyone in said group, when I ask for an estimate. Are we looking at hours, days, weeks or not at all? Will starting a new agent while this excluded one still technically active, affect our issues and and cause even the problem to become worse? Will it be possible to retrieve/restore inventory from the dud agent before termination?

    Can we get some proof of life from you?"

  • My case is now resolved and I would like to thank @NianticPooja for bringing my attention to the root of the problem, which in this case was a integrity/security related issue where a perhaps too relaxed posture in regards to protecting email/password from my end, was the cause of all this mishap.

    But, there is something lurking somewhere in the synch between accounts made at third party enteties such as Google and Facebook that need to be adressed. And that all agents should be aware of! I know @Sindaya has tried to bring attention to the matter in this forum and in various groups in Telegram where this has been a subject of concearn! Thanks for all support from agents of all factions! Big thanks to @Sindaya for bringing my attention to the thread here and connecting me with the right people! Thanks to @Ejnstejn for relaying my rants to this forum while I was unable to login. Big shoutout to @MrVerse for helping with the final stages to recover my account!

    And, finally but perhaps more important: Thanks to @Tenkterra RES for starting the tg-group and bringing all the affected together and hooking us up with @VAIN and @MatiasM20

    I'm out of the freezer, so good luck to you all who remains exiled!

  • Posting on behalf of a friend :

    "I can not log in to my account since last week. After contacting ingress support, they told me that I must log in using a gmail which I do not recognize. They escorted me to recover the gmail. But that is not my email and I don't know it". It have been a prolonged communication which only walking in a circle. I have seen something like this. I know in the end I will loose my account. I am too tired to start a new account. So, this is a goodbye. It was a good moment meeting agents all over the world and having the thrill during the live events"

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    I have observed several cases reported in this wave of duplicate log-in fixing (May 2021). 

    There is one significant difference between this May 2021 wave and the previous waves of duplicate account log-in fixing.

    In the previous waves, mostly, the system will set the original email or the most recent identified email used to log in as preferred log-in method. 

    In this May 2021 wave, the system will set "the real log in" recorded by the system ... which is can be in the original email or in new email/Facebook.

    Allow me to explain the difference between "the real log in" and "duplicate log-in".

    When you create an ingress account, it is the real log-in. When you move it to other email or facebook, it is still the real log-in recorded by the system.

    Or... if you have other niantic game account in the email either pokemon go or HPWU then you move it to other email / facebook.... the ingress account (the real log in ) will also move to that new email.

    Strangely, before beginning of 2021, when the real log-in moved to other email, if we try to log in using the original email, we will log in to the ingress account we have moved. And... this is what is the duplicate log in. You could log in both in the new email and in the original email.

    There is one characteristic of duplicate log-in : can not access ingress community and wayfarer community forum, even if we use original email where ingress account is created.

    Many agents does't realise that he / she has been using a duplicate log-in. Forgetting that he / she has moved the real log in to other email. 

    Many of them even forget to which email they moved the real log-in.

    This is the primary cause of why many accounts are gone after May 2021 wave. 

    What is the solution ? 

    I propose 2 solutions :

    1. NIA Ops need to identify where the real log-in is located and assist agents who lost the account to use that log-in method.

    2. For the account which was moved to email / facebook which can not be accessed by agents anymore, there should be a way to reopen the access using original email. We can take a benchmark to pogo where a compromised account can be brought back to original email.

    Feel free to comment if you have other solution which may works.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭
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    Tips :

    If you lost access to your account, this is quick way to know what happens :

    1. Open scanner.

    2. Click Create new account - google- choose gmail where you created your account originally. This is also the email where you receive attack notification and newsletter email.

    3. A notification will appear : " Existing account found. This email address is associated with an existing ingress account. Please sign in with the email address using your original login method to continue (Google or facebook)".

    4. If it says google, It means you can login using other gmail where you once moved ingress/pogo/HPWU account to. If it says facebook, try to login using facebook.

    5. If you cannot remember what email/facebook, ask tech support to give you information about the email/facebook .

  • Just a reminder... Second week now and still some agents unable to login. The issue is still very much alive. There are players in the freezer who has invested lots of time and money to advance and progress in the game. Holders of CORE membership and all... And they are starting to lose faith. Two weeks is a long time if you have maintained activity for three years or more. Please, reach out to them and communicate some sort of estimate or status update on their tickets! @NianticBrian @NianticPooja

  • CrownanCrownan ✭✭✭

    The lack of communication on this issue / actual people getting their accounts back is making me worried for the future. Most of the people that got their accounts back got it back with the help of @MrVerse and with the email stated from support email. This solution does not work for everyone and there is still plenty of agents that has been without access for 2 weeks. First Saturday is coming up and many local agents will miss these agents at these gatherings.

  • My account has just been deleted by Niantic, I get no admission!!

  • It looks like you have the same problem as most agents in this thread. If that’s the case your account is still around but you had conflicting login methods and to fix it you have to access it with the right one.

  • @NianticBrian

    My friend @amedvid is also having the same issue.

    He is level 12 agent and now he lost access to his account. Says his account cannot be found.

    Please fix this. Thank you.

  • He need to contact support using

    Also, contact me in telegram (same alias) and I will pass you more instruction to follow.

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