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  • Judging by the Activity log that was a placeholder name because they hadn't announced the community manager yet.

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    Agree, while I noticed that the amount of disagree you received for this single not-very-unreasonable comment is impressive. I've just seen people talking about the fact that a team of players was deliberately bullying you (even asking to ban your forum access) in 2020 and some other new targets in 2021, but I didn't expect it to be so serious and so aggressive.

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    Why are you doing toxic and fabricated criticism when I simply express my appreciation and thoughts on other players' comments and situation that is relevant to the post? Are you Community Manager? If not I'd highly suggest the real Community Manager to do a clean-up of unfriendly and trolling comments like yours.

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    Thia i hope you release full details of second sunday missiondays this week its getting close now.

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    Thanks for your reply. Basically you are declaring that the previous comment made by @jontebula is super unreasonable so it's normal for it to be treated with many Disagrees.

    Is it?

    I don't know if it's a common attitude doing so but when I read that comment it turns out to be a super normal comment expressing his/her sincere hope to get help from the new Commmnuity Specialist to:

    1. Get a new nice modern design for

    2. Get a dark mode of

    3. Fix all bugs of

    this community forum. Not for something else.

    You shall pay attention to the own words of the new Community Specialist: "I spent 8 years supporting game developer communities around the world. Previous roles have involved community management, production, operations, and events".

    1 and 2 are simply installing several Vanilla forum plugins or styles which can be done and released to public within 1 hour. Doing so does not require coding abilities and the experience as software engineer at all. You are exaggerating the difficulties.

    With regards to 3, there are not many bugs regarding Vanilla forum framework and if there are, just write ticket to Vanilla support and update the forum then they could be fixed. In fact usually bugs are about customization of the forum framework into Ingress game community so they should be some minor problems. The new Community Specialist definitely knows how to find relevant stakeholders to get it solved, considering his/her professional experience managing gaming communities, even if he/she does not write code by himself/herself.

    Plus how could you assume that the new Community Specialist do not have the ability to write codes and do debugging?

    Unquestionably, your justification is a failing one, by asserting that player to be asking for unreasonable things which is actually reasonable and very common as a player caring about this community forum. That player really was not treated by some other players well in this post. What do you think is the purpose of some users adding troubles to a normal player requesting for more features that are easy to be added and are due requests?

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    Nobody asked the new Community Specialist or Manager or whatever you call him/her to do these things in the first place. It's somebody requesting for the new features to be implemented with the help him/her. This is NORMAL requests.

    Now I see that you are still exaggerating the irrationality of the original feature-requests comment, while it's rational. And both you and @ZeroHecksGiven are trying to manage and restrict and influence what players should say here.

    Thus may I have the kind advice for you two: are you actually moderators of this forum with the job title not visible in your profiles? For all I know, in a forum, only moderators would define "what should be said" or abruptly demand players to explain if they are talking about something off-topic.

    If you are not, I would find it truly fishy that after I made the first normal comment here and was offensively asked about the ridiculous question "Why are you stirring the pot?" I got immediately massively disagreed. Do you have an forum mind-controlling alliance here?

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    Are you offering advice or asking a question?

    The question wasn't ridiculous. You pulled a comment from over a week prior to reignite drama. That's literally stirring the pot. Definitely not "normal." Normal would have been you agreeing to their post and then stopping. But instead, you agree AND THEN begin to stir the pot.

    I don't care about your disagree counting obsession. I rarely use the feature and it's not something I give much thought to. I'm not even sure I've used it on any of your posts. As I've posted elsewhere, I have no knowledge of a secret forum organization to disagree on your posts or your side kicks posts. Please locate PROOF that I'm posting outside of these forums about disagree parties and teaming up with other agents to influence the ideas here in the forums. You won't find any because I'm not involved with any such theories or fantasies you might have.

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    Putting problems I see and confirm from my point of view onto the table is exactly my way of welcoming a Community Manager to help him identify asap potential problems and get a comprehension of how the phenomenon of the forum currently is and from where to start the work. It's some sort of advice. Please do not try to control what I can say or can not say if this is not your own post, many thanks. With respect, I don't need your permission to talk.

    I'm not familiar with this forum and I came here on hearing of the sayings that some "elite" players worldwide are cohesively manipulating the speech of this forum by suppressing, trolling at and threaten to ban players that they don't agree with. Now that there is a new Community Manager, then he really should deal with comments and behaviors like yours which not only ignore the fact that players while doing welcoming, earnestly expressing the features in a polite way that are not unrealistic and are what he wants to be implemented in the future (never said things like "must do" or "in the first place"), was judged and declared by some other players as "nonsense" and "100% unreasonable" with untenable logic, but also posted offensive comments to me when I put it onto the desk because I can see that the bully also shown in another post https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/12503/celebrate-halloween-with-a-spooktacular-medal/p2 against player jo***** really exists. In that post everybody can see clearly that someone has been directly calling out him "making disruptive posts, should be banned" and toxic shaming like that, to my surprise, gathered many likes. Yes it's not done by you but do you feel OK with unfriendly behaviors to that extent?

    I don't know historically speaking what issues players here have with that specific player but I see players' attitudes towards multiple of his comments with most of the comments would just be considered normal feature requests on other forums are totally disrespectful. I asked my local community about that and the reply I got is "there have been many players cohesively using the forum against that user j*****". Things like this won't happen and shouldn't happen in a well-managed forum. If somebody just stand there watching the "hey you are talking nonsense, get out, why were you not kicked" calling and prevent others to stop that by saying "oh you should not reignite drama", then I would suppose him of not having the sense of justice and empathy. If you don't want to lead the way then just stay where you were and I could do it for you by asking for a correction with the help of new Community Manager.

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    @Alfred42 you share the same thing with someone else, unreasonable long paragraphs.

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    Hmm, a secret cabal of global elites pizzaing around? Maybe you've got the wrong forum.

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    Thanks for evaluating the length of my comment. Bronze medal for you too, in recognition of your support and like for comments filled up with bad words and offensive attitudes like this https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/145370/#Comment_145370

    P.S. Thank you forum moderators to have removed some comments that I mentioned to be attacking player jo***. Now we can see that this forum is still advocating friendly attitudes towards other people. Much appreciated. Hoping some players in this post could learn that too.

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    @NianticThia Are you okay? You haven't responded to our comments for so long that we're starting to worry.

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    So you bump an older topic thinking that will change things? They do not have to reply to every post on here as that has been stated before. Before you state that's bad community service, what the hell are you even trying to accomplish with a response?

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    I'm sorry that he didn't the clue from the actual response he got. Much less, this isn't his first incident.

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    Except this person is asking for unrealistic things on top of being rude about it. Adding it to another topic just makes it worse regardless of whatever valid claims there are.

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    I find it ironic that at this point, you've bumped this thread four times, to the "original" comment's one time.

    See also: Reply allpocalypse.

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    Someone from niantic is around - my comment today was deleted. 🤷‍♂️

    That's more of a response than many questions here have gotten! Fa!

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    No, I'm just disgusted when the most inappropriate attitude is shown to the community (not only to me). I'll give you an example.

    No, I'm just disgusted when the most inappropriate attitude is shown to the community (not only to me). I'll give you an example. I myself worked for a mobile phone dealer and acted as a community specialist. I worked with a whole region of a mobile operator, I know what this kind of specialist does. True, in my time there were no such forums and everything had to be done in the real world and using the phone. Here are the typical requirements for community managers these days:

    - drawing up a content plan, community management;

    - development of activities to increase the involvement of the audience among subscribers;

    - interaction with subscribers and response to mentions of us in social networks;

    - reputation management, work with comments and reviews;

    - monitoring the effectiveness of the forum and reporting;

    - increase in the number of registered and active users.

    Which of these points does our community specialist do? I am grateful to the moderator of this forum, he does his job and the forum is clean and everything is in order. but I can't say the same about our community specialist.

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    ingress needs more developers since we have ongoing lag issue over a year now and still not solved. yesterday i was scanning and the scanner bugged so many times i had to restart which is crazy, its so important feature for niantic yet it breaks the scanner so badly after x scans, its like its too heavy for the client or something and only way to solve is restart...

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    You really are comparing my current replies to "Reply all" in emails? You're ridiculous.

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    Other than Lambert, who are all of those? What do they do? Are you sure they're full time on Ingress?

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