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Recently I noticed that there is an ongoing malicious campaign organized by a bunch of agents targeting and against me because I politely but firmly refuted many of their incorrect theories and comments with valid evidence and proof (one typical example: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/14309/you-might-be-kidding-again-sos-founder-acc-flew-140km-40min-defying-the-terrain-but-you-did-nothing#latest ), and then together with my friends, exposed their explicit behavior of insulting me and other players simply because we stand out to fight with cheating players proactively via the forum.

I don’t really care about such things because you can’t let everyone satisfy and during the process of fighting with cheating behaviors, agents surely will encounter resistance. And nobody would be very happy if their long-term opinions are proved to be very likely wrong because usually they are talking from the theory while I have solid practice foundation. Anyway, as long as I fully comply with the community guidelines and simply block all of them in case of trouble, how could they impair the experience of a specific agent on the forum if they are following the rules as well?

However when things come to a dangerous point where some suspicious players, including Vanguard, united from a specific channel and group, are blatantly calling me and other agents “idiots”, “toxic”,etc, and doing other inappropriate behaviors on the forum, and support such shaming in collusion via “Likes” and replies, I feel like a petition and effective report is required, in order to make a better community because such phenomenon definitely violates https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/10/community-guidelines#latest .

Yes this is an adult game and we know what’s called “trolling” and I'm fine with receiving trolls, but trollings are not like that. They are purely collective personal attacks, impersonating and threatening other players. Please, respect other players. Forum is not where you could, in a team, bully other players. We need a better community than this.

I’ve clicked the “Flag” reports for most of them but in case forum moderators will remove the context as well to solve the conflicts, I will still write them down to make it clear why those comments are not proper and should be removed without removing its context because those actions are made intentionally to irritate other players regardless of a context, so that the comments of players they are targeting could be removed and posts got closed.

I'm writing it down for forum users to know that this group of players are doing it (draggging unrelated players into battlefields in every post and hara.ss specific players) intentionally for a reason, so that your own experience of browsing the forum or managing your post would not be affected.

To not defame player and pollute the environment further, I won’t quote them directly or mention who did/wrote so and what’s his/her role on the forum, but just providing direct links to comments. I’d appreciate if moderators could take a look and achieve the necessary order for the sake of entire community.

Here are a few examples:


In this comment, this player did not read the link (which is valid and constructive and proper to be referred to in that post) in previous quoted reply at all, but jumps to a suspicious conclusion “referencing posts that have been removed by Niantic forum moderators in every single discussion you participate in is starting to get irritating” which is a completely false statement and personal attack. Is there anyone here who could not open the link https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/133679/#Comment_133679 ? Is it removed?

Actually this is the first time I'm referring to this link so what does "in every single discussion" mean? Not to mention that in previous comment https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/145473/#Comment_145473 this player also said “Noted”. Noted for what? Isn’t it sort of threatening, and are all those actions proper considering the role of this player?

But this comment as a false statement somehow got a lot of Likes mainly from a specific group of players, some of which would occur repeatedly in Likes and Insightful of following comments. Everybody can see that this is abnormal.


In this comment, this player is proactively and proud of calling other agents (me) “idiots” and “drag people into the mud from the cave you're at” on the forum which is mad


In this comment, the same player is making totally off-topic replies and calling other players “toxicity of its own”, and emphasizing that he/she has issue with some players. Sounds horrible




In those comments, the same player is asking the forum to ban a specific player for “disruptive postings”, and insulting him/her by saying “why you bother to post”, which is undeniable insulting and 100% unacceptable

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    You might be right in some cases. However everybody on the forum can see that regarding the first case I mentioned here, things are absolutely strange. A Vanguard player is not supposed to publish such offensive and especially 100% false statement against a player, and such false statement is not supposed to get so many "Likes" naturally. If you go to that specific public chat group I mentioned previously in other comments, you will indeed see some players working together against me.

    And there are cases where some players call me and other players idiots and toxic and words that are much worse. I wouldn't comment on that further but I have to say if those players are accustomed to such behaviors, I won't be surprised that they don't feel any problem with toxic COMM messages in some cases. Community is where we are supposed to be friendly towards other players and making discussion in a constructive way, not where a group of people overwhelming and bullying others in a coordinated and blatant way.

    I'm OK with criticism. I do not accept being bullied with dirty words and collective shaming.

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    1. I fight with spoofers frequently and heavily. I wrote an article requesting for help for manual review on a super obvious spoofing but not handled case https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/14309/you-might-be-kidding-again-sos-founder-acc-flew-140km-40min-defying-the-terrain-but-you-did-nothing#latest
    2. One XMA there do not agree with me and proactively rebuking me there but without due reasons. All what he would like me to do is believe Niantic has taken enough actions on spoofers and I should go away quitely rather than coming to the forum for help. On the contrary I provided solid evidence and speech from professional anti-spoofing experience to prove that it was not the truth which somehow makes that XMA irritated. In a public chat group of 1000+ Ingress players he started to criticize me of "just very excited to paint XMAs as evil Niantic lackeys because their attempts to name and shame people who say bad things on COMM were not met with universal accolades" and call me "idiots"
    3. A friend of mine notice that shaming and exposed it because such behavior should not happen with a XMA. Instead of apologizing, some toxic players in that group, formed a team let's say XYZ, started to weaponize the "Disagree" on the forum towards me and my friend on every recent posts of us regardless of the content. They thought we could not identify who's doing so
    4. I found a way to identify who's doing massive disagree unreasonably on my comments and posts and afterwards and requested them to refrain from doing so, but team XYZ began to follow me all the time on the forum and refute all what I say regardless of the fact of truth, combining with clicking Disagree as a no-brainer.
    5. Today, even a Vanguard in that chat group has joined team XYZ, which is described in this post and everyone can sense the suspicious aggression from the 100% counter-to-fact reply he/she made to me, and from the likes it gathered even though it's completely a false statement. And more players jumped into an ongoing constructive discussion, making off-topic replies in order to irritate me or simply saying that me and some other players are toxic. I digged deeper and found some obvious comments they made that violates the community guidelines by for example calling other players "idiots", "toxic" directly on the forum, proving that they have been insulting players for a long time, which should be rectified.

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    When you see somebody proudly calling other multiple players "idiots" and "toxic" on the forum you know that it's bullying.

    When you react with "Look up, Welcome to bias" then frankly speaking I have nothing to say with you further because it's obviously helping those players bullying others that includes but are not limited to me.

    Yes I am OK with criticism and trolls. They can feed me as they want which I don't care. But, is this forum OK with name calling and throwing "idiots", "ban", "toxic" on other players? And Vanguard making 100% false statement to defame players and instantly gathered a lot of likes?

    This is not "I've been unfairly treated" babycry. This is report of significant VIOLATIION of Community Guidelines.

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    He calling normal players "i", "little whiny b" and organizing the collective shaming on a regular basis

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    I'm surprised by how someone has been bullying other players can just walk in and saying "hey here is my TED talk showing you that I did nothing wrong" like this.

    Everybody can see it you in https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/145481/#Comment_145481 were criticizing me of “referencing posts that have been removed by Niantic forum moderators in every single discussion you participate in is starting to get irritating” in response to https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/145479/#Comment_145479

    which is an obvious personal attack because none of your words in that sentence is true.

    Are the posts I referred to removed by Niantic forum moderators? No.

    Am I referring to posts that have been removed in every single discussion? No.

    Will people feel irritated by things that I have not done? No.

    Will people "Like" very obvious false statement natually? No.

    You are still avoiding providing explanation why you were doing 100% false statement to bully me together with your team, the team running the campaign against me, but talking about some other things that are not relevant to this post, to make it look like you have some ground to do inappropriate behaviors on the forum defaming other players collectively.

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    So you won't explain why you intentionally made a misleading and false statement as described, which becomes part of the collective personal attacks towards me, and you see no problem doing so. Impressive.

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    That chat group itself is not secret and open to public, it's "a secret group of specific players enjoying shaming other players" that also talk a lot and control that chat group that makes it the term "secret group".

    You are asking me to join a chat group where multiple players are fond of calling me and other agents "idiots", "little whiny b", and moderators and owner are proactively supporting that behavior? That's funny.

    You are simply justifying the action of you guys defaming and shaming people by talking around a few things that are not the topic of this post. But it doesn't work.

    Everybody can see it clearly that it's you guys started to insult players that have different opinions with you on the forum, and if they do not surrender, organizing the continuous attacks against them both on the forum and in chat groups and making fun of them on a regular basis, and fooling everyone by saying "it's due to their own problems".

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    Impressive strategy used by a specific team of players:

    1. Arguing with other player L on the forum with or without rational thinking
    2. Calling player L "idiot", "little whiny B", etc in a public chat group that utilizes the influence of Ingress game
    3. After being exposed, organizing disagree and comment attacks in collusion on the forum
    4. Calling player L "idiot", "toxic" on the forum, probing the threshold of the forum
    5. Making some Key-Opinion-Leaders to make false statement against player L, controlling the voice of the forum maliciously
    6. Justifying all actions above with various means and continue name calling and shaming
    7. Now that player L is angry and filing reports, thus can shout to others "See? Player L is really toxic"

    According to the chat history, obviously I am not the first victim of your team. Let's see how long such gameplay of your team could last.

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    The secret group shall resend the meeting invite to Agent B via drone.

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    This community, is not for anybody to make fun of, hara.ss and bully other players, not to mention intentionally irritating and then "toxicing" other players. The guidelines have a section on treating others with respect.

    You may say whatever you want, while you are not standing on the fair and correct side.

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    It's time to get used to the fact that the forum has become a haven for dinosaur snobs who cannot master new technologies and are furiously trying to bite those who disagree. Also, this resource has become a haven of the classic conflict between toads and smurfs. There is nothing more to say on the matter. 

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    According to the guidelines please kindly report yourself of making off-topic replies and SPAMs, thank you in advance.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    At least I tried to stop toxic phenomenon, whether it may succeed or not.

    If Vanguard is helping destroy the forum then why bothering saving it.

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    Let me express my opinion, you are not worthy of the title of Vanguard. A lot of personal show-off and total uselessness.

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    Wonder if Claudija was aware of all this situation when she left :D

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