Feature Request - Let time run out after last glyph entered

On occasion, I'll mess up the last glyph in the sequence and not get to the REDO button in time. I see no downside to letting the timer run out when glyphing. I can always hit the "DONE" button if I'm feeling cocky.

Of course, this assumes you're able to tell when I last touched the screen and use that to calculate the speed bonus. If not, then never mind.



  • TrerroTrerro ✭✭✭

    I'd say make it a checkbox on the options menu. I would probably use it occasionally if I'm doing something like sitting on an ITO/multi/heatsink resupply station, but most of the time I'm doing enough glyph hacks at once that if I make that particular oops, I just shrug and move on - I'd rather lose a very occasional hack to this than have to confirm every hack.

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