1x L7 reso per agent, when?

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Since quite some time we're (thankfully) back to 1x L8 reso per agent. Thus the count of agents needed for an L8 portal is back to normal. But we still need just 1 agent for an L6 portal and 2 agents for an L7 portal. I'm looking forward to see those set back to 2 and 3 agents respectively. I'm also expecting people to disagree because current situation gives access to higher level inventory easier, but I still disagree this should countinue.



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    I do disagree, but not because of easier access to higher level inventory, but because at the moment, Covid is still too prevalent in the world to dial the bonuses back globally. Sure, first world countries are on a good path with vaccination, but other countries still have the pandemic raging. I'd love to see 1x L7 return, don't get me wrong, but not now.

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    Iirc, I think the 2 l7 resos is here to stay, maybe I've got it wrong, but I could have sworn they said months ago it was here forever (and honestly, I want it to be, my area isn't that quiet, but i k ow in some places it can be hard to even get 2 agents together, let alone 4)

  • AFAIK there has never been a statement about the COVID temporary bonuses being permanent. We've already seen the Hack counter rolled back when they thought things were getting better.

    Other temporary changes still remain in effect for now, and we’ll continue to monitor their impact on Ingress. Please continue to follow local guidance, and where possible, play outside safely.

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    I would second this, but I would also go back to 1 level 7 resonator per agent, so two agents playing together can't dominate an area.

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    I agree that recharge AP should be put back to 10, and I once again see this burning a lot of people who got used to farm AP easily by charging with APEX - but this is real world game, not charge from your coach game.

    I'm cool with current cooldown, but I agree that it's too quick for any Heat Sinks except Very Rare ones to be viable. Current portal cooldown allows for more condensed and prompt gameplay thus simply more fun, while I'd consider older 15 minutes for 4 hacks to be waste of time. Because during each of those 5 minutes you don't do anything but painfully wait. I agree that it should be turned down a bit - but I strongly oppose it becoming the same 5 minutes; 3-4 would be a good compromise.

  • Why not walk to the next portal instead? Get some exercise, one of the purposes of the game.

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    Unless there's change on how scoreboard works or a way to make it relevant and engaging, there could be 8 r8 per agent and won't change much for me and my region.

  • What about making double R7 deploy a recursion benefit once the pandemic bonuses are fully reverted? It could be seen as a simulacrum being more in line with 1331 or something.

    1 level (R8) would let you deploy one, 3 levels (R7, R6, R5) would let you deploy two, 3 levels (R4, R3, R2) would let you deploy four, and 1 level (R1) would let you deploy eight. 1331.

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    It was after that, like I think it was around the late autumn time, but maybe I'm.mixing it up with something else

  • If you can find a quote that'd be great to have, but yeah, I can't remember it.

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    65 AP for a recharge is really too much. Would it be possible to have less even if it's not back to 10?

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    The goal of the game is to capture and hold MU.

    Deliberately letting portals decay in order to recap them to farm AP is degenerate gameplay which should not be incentivized. The game should encourage you to keep your team's portals, links, & fields alive as long a possible.

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    Time is not right yet to revert back to classic Ingress. ( North America, Australia and New Zealand is close. Europe is not, and the rest of the world so not. ,,) I'd like hard mode back, but technology limits prevent a more nimble box by box approach to what standards should be in place to determine single max.

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    I'm thinking 65 AP for recharging will be with us as long as IFS is virtual. I'm in favor of it going back to 10 though in the hopefully near future.

    I've been enjoying the quicker cooldown and hope it stays. I use to have a lot more patience for farming, but now I like to get it done as quickly as possible so I can move on to better things.

    Kinda hoping double L7s stay for a while, if not permanent.

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    The 5 minute cooldown was the most useless and unpleasant aspect of the game. I have spent more than enough time waiting around in freezing rain, midday heat and rush hour traffic.

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  • The goal of the game is to capture and hold MU.

    Nope the 'goal' of the game is to get outside and explore. The "regional scoring mechanism" for the game is holding MU. The "personal scoring mechanism" for the game is activity and AP. And encouraging activity that has people going outside and building, and generally being active in the game, provides a greater sense of involvement and population. Something that's severely lacking, and was even before COVID.

    Static regions that never change are not good for the game's viability.

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    I agree regarding the 10AP recharge per button press. The current situation is being abused by some players, by keeping other players portals deliberately topped up (something i'm experiencing by some idiots). As you also say, recharging is also worth more than building - madness in the long term.

    I disagree with cooldowns. I always felt five minutes was too long to wait to hack again. Especially in areas whereby I don't feel comfortable in hanging around for too long..

  • I don’t mind 2 x L7 resonators, I feel that it helps balance things out.

    In my close local area it would be the opposite faction who would struggle more, as they only have 2 active agents.

    2 x L8 resonators I will make the most of, but I would be happier if it didn’t happen, as it basically is so easy to make L8s that people give up on proper battling until it’s over.

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    Absolutely agree.

    The 5 minute cooldown is one of the least friendly aspects of the game for beginners and experienced players alike. 90 seconds balances the incentive to use a heat sink if farming keys vs waiting if you simply want to hack once again while microfielding. That's setting aside potentially unpleasant weather while outside exploring. 5 minutes was a tedious delay that would dramatically reduce playtime for a lot of players who've enjoyed a much improved play experience the past year+.

    I don't see 2xL7 resonators as having broken play in my suburban area. It just means that I'm not trashing everything I hack except resonators because another player and I can make L6 portals.

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