Regarding the new media that just dropped: potential code?

MantacidTechMantacidTech ✭✭
edited June 2021 in General

I received a notification over Telegram about an unusually formatted passcode: futureanomalyeventspredicted. At first glance it didnt seem special; 21xm, 21resos, 21xmps, and 21US. 21 seemed like a wierd number to pick, since most passcodes give 1331xm. But weirder still is the fact that another media, SIGINTVVVWIT08, linked to a research article about something eclipsing a star, which I linked to here. The star’s name is actually in the passcode: VVVWIT08, which leaves SIGINT as a potential message.

However, this is where I got stuck, and could use some help. Is the article actually real? Does it contain any codes? Why are there two versions that the database lets you cite?



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