What if the spoofing golden era is actually bait for something else?

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After doing a great deal of reading, trying to make sense of this overabundance of cheaters, I've come to a possible something, more of a conspiracy theory, but here I go. Please, follow me here:

I roughly correlate the blossoming of the spoofers with the creation of the CORE program. Some players are paying to certain perks, and that's ok. What if the plan is to let the game flood with cheaters, who are careless because they know no one is watching, and then, offer the removal of every non-paying player? Maybe stopping the creation of new accounts? That would surely put a leash on cheaters, making easier to manually handle suspicious activity from CORE customers.

It's a win to NIA but kind of a Thanos solution.

What do you think?



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    I don't think that there's an increase in spoofing that aligns with CORE, and if there is it's just one of very many cases of spoofing surges.

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    What do you think?

    I think this is complete nonsense, even by the standards of a conspiracy theory. It's basically the exact opposite of Hanlon's Razor.

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    I see consistent accumulations of multi accounts, but the proportion of spoofers looks the same. Not a bloom. If you indeed saw a bloom of spoofers, the local community must be out of control.

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    Correlation with spoofing is greater with creation of Pokemon Go and sharings between both games. Spoofing always existed, but there are several situations that made it more notorious:

    ·Pokemon Go atracted a lot of players that prefer to stay safe at home (with or without pandemic), which incremented spoofers and tools for spoofing. Also, these people were used to work with several accounts, which also meant an increase as these acounts usually spoof too.

    ·The closure of Redacted meant the leave of a good chunk of the legal playerbase, which made the non-legal part even more notorious as they did not leave, even less having in mind that many came in with Pokemon and therefore had no attachments to Redacted.

    ·Ingress Prime came with promises of new anti-cheat systems and a free-of-spoofers game, but it took less than three months from the closure of Redacted for the spoofing to be as usual, and it actually got much worse after that. This meant, again, the leave of more legal players, which, again, made more notorious the non-legal part.

    ·The decreasing amount of events and lack of proper support has meant a constant dwell in older playerbase and this passively enforces cheating. Also, this enforces itself as system abuses exist and are not getting attention, which results in things like permabans just using COMM reporting (which, btw, I've proven by exposing myself that is not reviewed by human beings at any point).

    Making CORE mandatory would not solve the issue as most of cheaters got it at least on their main accounts, some have it on their multiaccounts aswell, and another good chunk of legal agents don't have it at all.

    The only solution to spoofing is proper investigation and consequent ban. If a banstorm is required, so be it. If spoofing is undetectable, then make the necessary amends to game mechanics, change it if you must, so it can be detected and sanctioned. If no solution is possible for wathever reason (money), then either abort all support actions refered to inapropiate gameplay (EVE Online) or shut the game for good.

    Until any of this happens, this will be a total mockery.

  • I mostly agree with all your points, specially when you link Pogo spoofing to Ingress spoofing and the shutting down of Redacted as the root of some of the problems.

    At this point, there's so little to salvage from the game unless they make a big deal of change on game dynamics to properly deal with the legion of cheaters that haunts us. That's what NIA (and therefore, us) got from neglecting a small, side problem that has grown to threaten the very viability of the game. Specially now that they were starting to monetize it.


    Thank you all for your inputs!

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    I don't think this is the the but I'm not against or afraid that path.

    Not making the game exclusive for payers, but I won't mind the CoRe having more benefits or even the free account getting nerfed and cut some of the current perks (like access to levels, link length, inventory, etc).

    But, cheaters gonna cheat. Always!

    It might slow down the poor cheater, but the rich ones would just pay for their cheating account.

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  • I roughly correlate the blossoming of the spoofers 

    I would most assuredly disagree. Spoofers have always been a problem to varying degrees, but were already a horrible problem before CORE and haven't gotten worse since, globally. Individual areas rise and fall at different times, and you just might have seen a rise at the same time in your area.

    offer the removal of every non-paying player? 

    Making Ingress a subscription only game would not only be self-destructive, but wouldn't work given that many of the 'garden variety' spoofers also subscribe. It might stop some of the store bots, but probably not.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Individual areas rise and fall at different times, and you just might have seen a rise at the same time in your area.

    In my cell the spoof active only is noticable during higher activity of honest players, curiously when RES is loosing. Since the pandemic, enls pretty much died and left the field open, there's not being any obvious activity or mystery accounts poping up in the middle of nowhere just to take down blocks and anchors.

    Lack of gereral interaction and meetings among the people seems to reduce personal problems too, since some spoofs were just to mess up the game of specific players.

    General spoofing without strategic objectives were really high and annoying during the expansion of poGoers trying to achieve the minimum lv for proposals. But reduced with the new lvs inside the pogo app.

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