Sorry Smurfs, no BAF for you

It was a Saturday afternoon out in Gordon's Bay, South Africa and *Ping * goes my phone. The word BAF in the notification instantly catches my attention and I quickly open the message to see what it says.

"Anyone in Cape Town who can **** the BAF that the Smurfs are putting up?"

I take a quick look at Intel, check the time, (Yes, we still have a curfew) and jump at the opportunity to harvest a few drops of Smurf tears.

I grab my GoPRO, (I've been wanting to do another Ingress feature on my motovlogging YouTube channel for some time, so I knew this was as good a chance as any), get into my bike gear, and jump on 🏍💨The Beast🏍💨, heading off to the last known position of the Resistance agent, @RobberySl8ter, to go take down the fields.

After about 25 minutes and 40Km of travel, I arrive at the portal, take a look at Intel to see how much more has been done, and head off to the deepest layer, so that there's less chance of the fields being re-thrown while I'm destroying them.

I start taking down the layers, one by one, nervous that the agent would try defend the attacks (he never 🤔) or reposition himself so that he could re-field as the last layer fell.

After I had taken out three or four of the field layers, I started to get paranoid, no activity from @RobberySl8ter in over 40 minutes, no attempts to recharge, nothing. this all seemed too good to be true...

Too long to read??? Check out the motovlog on YouTube

I decided to make my way back to the first few portals, thinking "Maybe, he's gone back, if he has, maybe, if he sees me lurking around, he'll give up and go home" when suddenly, I get a notification on the scanner "Portal Under Attack!"

I check Intel, he's making his way Southwards, towards portals I had visited earlier that day, so I call up a fellow Enlightened agent, @Rath24, who may have keys for these portals "Can you recharge?" I ask, "Create the illusion that these Portals are important to us, to keep him from re-fielding". I keep defending, but the wonderful unreliability of mobile networks cost me the portal.

Hoping that @RobberySl8ter was going to continue Southward towards more of my portals, I decided to head back Westward, to take out the last few layers of the BAF that's covering the country. And I was right, he had indeed dropped my multi-layered field that I had been fighting the whole week to create, having to deal with pesky blockers being thrown by @Assert8 the whole time

This was just the diversion I had needed, because now I was in position, not only to drop the final layer of the BAF, but also to throw a blocker all the way back to Gordon's Bay, that would otherwise have been impossible if my field was still standing🤣

I had an absolute blast destroying the fields, it was really exciting to see some action out of the Ingress Community in Cape Town, as the game is pretty much dying this side of the world. I do hope that my motovlog on the sitrep inspires a few new people to try out the game, and who knows, maybe even bring back some crazy competition to the game around the world.

Hope you enjoyed the read :)




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  • Really want to see this game come back with a vengeance, I miss how exciting it is to be out in the field, playing Ingress.

  • @Matatac

    It took less than 40min from the first link till the last link, you never stood a chance! Not even you could steel the thunder from that high... although my car overheating along the N1 nearly threw a spammer in the works!

    i still hung around the Spindal of Fury for another 30 to 45min celebrating with teammates before moving on to smash your fields.

    Pity it got so late so quickly and I still had a long drive back to Blouberg. It was definitely an entertaining piece of cat and mouse.

    Well done till next time!!

    Finally, thank you to all the Resistance agents involved especially those that did the heavy lifting up North. We couldn’t of done this without you.

    Peace, Joy and Respect


  • I had a blast taking out the fields, was exciting as heck. 😌😌

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