A question about the future of the game. Brian please give an answer!

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I periodically cross paths with Pokemon Go players. They have a lot to play with! they have new events and new items and new monsters come out with constant regularity. And they don't have as many errors as ingress. I can see how other games from nia are developing. Еach has something new despite the quarantine. And we have emptiness, some bug fixes every two or even more weeks. No need to hide behind quarantine.

From a cyberpunk battle of secret agents for domination over the world, from a game with a strong storyline, the game has turned into a dull and depressing sight. In many regions, the game is no longer being played, because there is nothing fundamentally new!

Here is the correct approach to the development of which one of the mobile strategies has. There are clear terms, and there is a specific well-known path along which the development of the game will go. Why is our game different? Brian tell us about your company's plans for the future of the game?



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    In Pokemon, you can always do something. There are no perma filed in blocking play for weeks.

    -We need something to play inside the fields

    -Or shorter field durations

    Now you don't even have to keep the game installed when you can watch once a week from the intel map whenever you can play

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    I think they’ve started on Ingress again, as we do now get the little mini events like “Hack The Planet” and “Mod Weekend” which are similar to the smaller Pokémon GO events they do.

    There are things that could be added, like a daily quest system, and other similar Pokémon GO things but at the same time the games are different and have different user needs/wants and different ideas about how the game should be.

    A roadmap or even a Special Events calendar like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets every month would certainly help out with what’s ahead. We all know there’s the usual anniversary event, but sometimes there’s not a lot of notice about events and it would be nice to plan.

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    I think we need more alternatives to do, instead of just butchering up one of the key features of the game.

    I'm not against matryoskas style being permanent, but it should be highly costfull for the player, like a paid premium item like apex, or a VR mod that will allow one portal to do links.

  • What’s that you want portal scanning?

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    Hey, get off his back, we just got a roadmap 3 or 4 years ago.

  • I don't get it why the inability to field under fields should be a core feature of the game. It has done more harm than good. I don't care if friend or foe field under my fields. And if I want, I have ways to stop them.

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    @NianticBrian do you hear us???

  • As someone who has worked with very buggy games (as a player, not as a dev), I can understand where y’all are coming from. Ive seen parity reports regarding a lack of subtitles be closed because the disparity was introduced before a certain date. From what I am seeing, our grievances fall into three main categories: Bugs, Design and accessibility issues, and lack of features. Personally, I think that the first two should be tackled before the third, and Niantic taking community input could help with that.

    I agree that it is disheartening to not hear back from them, and I would like to suspect that they’re working really hard on what is being brought to light. But without communication from @NianticBrian and the other devs, I have no way to confirm or deny that. So if you could give us something, even if it’s just a status update on an accessibility setting, I’m sure it would be much appreciated.

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    And where is our coommunity manager? anyone reads this forum at all ???

    @NianticBrian @NianticThia

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    more would perhaps bother scan if we knew if ingress will even benefit from all scans somehow, surely they must know ? or is it for future games this scan data they want....

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    mistake post cant delete

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    Why is ingress not developed like pokemon?

    Money. Profit.

    PoGo has a strong franchise with gaming history behind it which brings in gamers who dump in tons of cash.

    Niantic told Ingress it is now a separate business unit which must survive on its own.

    So far, my instinct is that Ingress is barely treading water. Maybe a slim profit with subscriptions, but they keep taking iOS users' money and not giving them benefits, then support is useless unless you reach out on the forums.

    I agree with the assessments of others mentioning fielding being blocked. Major issue which matryoshka took a step in the right direction to fix. We're down to players who like covering other players as a lazy strategy to lock them out of gameplay. New players leave due to the imbalances which exist, making them unable to play normally. The game rewards large lazy fields with quantum capsules spitting out keys, not building up multiple portals.

  • Financial reality is ingress isn't going to get the resources that pogo gets. But there are issues that could be addressed in ingress that could increase player base without a huge spend.

    Largest problem in my opinion is lack of challenges and goals for L16s. They either fade away to other games or find themselves playing the area control game with permafields, which as others stated isn't good for cultivating new low level players.

    The only measured score is MU. So they're following game mechanics. Revamp scoring, add more team measurables, and a new combined calculation of those measures to determine cycle victory. Maybe a reward or at least more visibility for team that wins cycle in each region. Make the xm be the color of the winning team for next cycle.

    The other thing that would bring back even more former players is new levels. This might require totally restructuring the levels instead of simply adding say 8 more. So effort level is likely higher, but leveling up is the one thing in every game that every player loves to do.

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