Couchomaly, an unofficial Ingress event series

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Hello dear community. We all miss the live events where we got together, met players and had a lot of fun. In the last months some agents from both factions have created an event concept that can't replace a real anomaly, but in the broadest sense creates a global, competitive challenge for both factions with changing tasks. It is mainly based on uploading scanner stats and additional competitions that can be completed outside of Ingress.

The concept is called Couchomaly.

Originally planned as a single event for people in lockdown, it evolved into an event series with story and global competition. We also try to integrate the wishes and ideas of the players through regular surveys, the result is the current event.

Currently, a new episode is starting, it begins on June 14 00:00 AM UTC±0. The event is divided into pre (72h) and main event(48h). In the Pre event you can earn bonuses for the main event. In the main event, points can be earned in various contests that require either playing with the scanner or creative tasks such as photo or decoding competitions.

Currently not everything is fully developed, many things are being tested. We are working with uploads via Google forms to collect the data. A website is also there and every now and then we give away swag to the participants.

Maybe someone of you is interested in this. Participation is possible from everywhere with or without leaving your Couch ;)

Details can be found at

The current event can be found at

There is also a Telegram channel (@couchomaly).

Some Impressions

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  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    Interesting to see voluntary work outside Niantic getting disagreements! I'd like to hear about that, why is this "wrong"?

    I participated on previous edition and I liked it, so I fully recomend it.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    shame niantic cant do something like this, could be fun.

  • Thanks for your Feedback.

    Niantic does not have to do everything alone. There are some projects from players that are unfortunately only half-heartedly used. For example, AOD in Android or the EBL, and there were also numerous challenges in local communities or globally in the past.

    Certainly Niantic can offer more but we are many and we can also do a lot ourselves.

    However, these offers are only interesting for a few players or are simply not shared widely. A platform would be great for that. But these are visions of the future.

  • Kathy2Kathy2 ✭✭

    I totally love player-made events. There is so much creativity out there. Also, this is one of the things that makes Ingress so much different than other games - the ability to be an active part of events, to make them happen. Just think of Mission Days, City Flips, and Anomalies. Everything the local orgas did made the events more "eventlike", and helped to connect the communities. During the pandemic, this kind of virtual event makes it easy to get to know other players around the globe, without travellig.

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