Ingress partially attached to two Google accounts, preventing subscription from applying

Around a year ago I took advantage of the fact that I had a PTC-using Pokémon Go (PoGo) account that I could detach from its existing Google account to consolidate my Ingress and PoGo accounts onto the same Google account. Apart from some weirdness with the forum and Wayfarer, that left me in a state that worked up until around three weeks ago, when I could no longer sign into Ingress. I soon discovered that it had reverted to its previous Google account. Since PoGo accounts can no longer detach from their associated Google accounts like they once could, I resigned myself to being stuck with games spread across two Google accounts forever.

Today my C.O.R.E. subscription renewed successfully, but Ingress treated me as if it did not and left me way over the inventory cap. If I go to the store page and try to subscribe again it tells me I already have a subscription. If I unsubscribe and do the same thing it tells me my account is not eligible for a subscription. I am now wedged in a situation in which I can't benefit from the month I just paid for on the old account and I can't pay for a new month using the new one either.

There are tons of workarounds, credits, or other ways one could address this specific issue, but what I would really like is to have a quick discussion with someone who can remap game accounts to NIA accounts so we can resolve this consolidation problem once and for all. Thanks to some mistaken sign-ins in the past this is more complicated than what I can do by myself.

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