Kiel - Schleswig-Holstein

You just started playing Ingress and chose to be a part of the Enlightened faction, now what? The Kiel Enlightened community are here to help! We will gladly answer questions about the area, help you level up, and get you introduced to local players in the area.

Our community uses telegram as a method of communication to plan events, socialize, and coordinate in game activities. Please go to to create an account so that we can have a way to contact you privately. Once your telegram account has been created, we suggest choosing a username in telegram. Setting for user name are as follows:

  • Mobile - Go to settings and click on user name (located just below your phone number)
  • Desktop - Go to settings> Edit Profile and click the little pencil icon next to username

Once complete post a comment below with the following and someone will reach out to you:

  • Ingress Agent Name
  • Telegram username or (replace the word username with your username)


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