I've transgressed the ToS( Terms of Service) and in this post i'll explain why.

First, good afternoon.


Allow me to introduce myself: I'm the agent PraetorFenix, I currently play at AF-02 FOXTROT 13 (Brazil) and I've been in ingress since 2017. Today I find myself at enl, after a recursion, I decided to go to the resistance (due to a certain impulsiveness, I admit it) but I've met some great players with an excellent behavior in the game. Sorry for this action on impulse. Behold, I decide to cancel my account because at that time I would not be well accepted neither in the resistance nor in the enl. Then the desire to play became stronger, so I started a new account on res and later decided to play a lot to refuse back to enl( calm down, some of this information will be useful later on 😊 )

After this recursion in the second account, I decided to uninstall the game to finally detoxify my head a bit from some bad feelings I got during this walk. A few months later, a new medal appears: epoch and with it came a feeling of longing for the ticket, so I reinstalled the app and just hacked portals to upload this new medal and maybe get the so-desired onyx from sojourner (many of you know how difficult it is to achieve such a feat). One fine day, a beautiful op da res appeared in the comm where it covers a large part of a neighboring state and half of the state where I live. Behold, my old friends enl consult me ​​about the possibility of taking down this field and I promptly said yes, after all it was (still is) very important to play among the friends I made on ingress (trust me, I proved in the worst way that it is a game practically impossible to play alone). I started the work around 9:00 pm (UTC +3) and so I did, knocked the field down but then it was rebuilt because the res agents were in a group and I was alone and everything was fine within the game. After all, things don't always turn out the way we'd like, right? I sent sitrep to my enl colleagues and went home to sleep and it was almost 11:30pm (UTC +3). But before going to sleep, I took a look at the comm and realized that the field had partly fallen, I took the opportunity to create a blocking link in the condominium where I live to the interior of the state, partially making it impossible to rebuild the field. At 2:49am the next day, I hear the doorman from my building calling where I live asking if two people could enter the condo in order to take down the blocking link and these two people were exactly the agents responsible for the formidable blue field. My first reaction was incredulity, as I did not believe that anyone could call someone else at dawn in order to fulfill a goal in the game, but in this story there is a very serious aggravating factor: I live alone with my mother, who is sick and bedridden. She only has me to look after her, so I defend her health and well being tooth and nail. I was quite upset and complained to the aforementioned agents about what had happened, who apologized and said that the doorman was not supposed to have called me, that they didn't want to bother me. Well, if you don't want to bother someone at around 3:00 am, just don't bother, wait for the day to break!

It is worth noting that from the point of view of the game rules, no rules were broken. But what about the rules of good manners? The well-being of others? Of civility? Here is my question...

I believe that today the internet is a very unexplored field in the sense of understanding what is happening on the other side of the screen, after all, behind a post or a portal, there is an agent who is a citizen endowed with joys, sorrows, difficulties and etc... how to act after the event where I not only felt violated but also my mother's peace and sleep?

Faced with several personal factors to be considered, I started to get indignant and quite upset with the whole situation, then I started to come up with a plan to take down the field and later block even more distant points to make it difficult to take down the green link, I even came to move local agents (97% retired) in this direction. But I saw that this was "my business", so I used a device that I'm not proud of and I don't recommend anyone to do it, after all actions taken without the proper rationality tend to come out somehow wrong, so I got a secondary account with some xmp L8 stopped to try to drop the field again and later make a link again at even more distant points elaborated and executed just by me (yes, I'm confessing a ToS transgression and no, I didn't have enough JARVIS virus). Why did I do this? Faced with a violation of my mother's peace of mind, which I consider very serious, I thought I should “give back” by any means necessary. Late mistake... upon realizing about how I was taking down the Blue Fields, the res agents with good reason complained about my conduct, where I promptly vented on the reason for having done such an act. who won with this whole story? Nobody. Who lost with this whole story? Just me.

I'm not here asking for clemency for transgressing ToS, but to bring to light a debate: how far can we separate right and wrong in the realm of game and real life? So aware I was of the **** I was committing, I promptly asked niantic to delete my account, because in my understanding, from the moment an instrument of entertainment becomes something that affects the individual's personal life, the game becomes disposable. Miraculously within approximately 20 minutes niantic support responded to my call with an automated message containing the deletion procedures and within approximately 30 minutes after this first message, a nia employee alerts me if I really want to do this, as I am a agent and depending on the region, reaching L16 takes a lot of effort and time. I asked to continue the procedure but so far this morning I had not been replied to, so I rewrote the message saying that I regret deleting the account and would like to explain the story as I see it.

Some final considerations:

I repeat that I am not asking for clemency (I’m wrong , very wrong I know), but using what happened to open a debate about ethics in the game (I mistakenly sacrificed some prestige I had for this), if I suffer any punishment, I will gladly accept.

Right or wrong actions occur regardless of faction, but human nature.

I humbly apologize to those who admired me for trying to be as correct and according to the rules as possible, but I also ask you to forgive me one day, because sometimes we have such a stressful routine where we are forced to set aside certain beliefs in the name of social well-being, then the person becomes a time bomb of bad emotions and someday these same feelings come to the surface, in my case it was left over for the ingress.

Finally, I regret a lot for having gone against the rules of the game, but in peace in the face of this mistake, I have learned several lessons.

my goal here is not to point fingers.

I recommend everyone to seek psychological help, it is essential in this world turned upside down (it has helped me a lot!)



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