CORE Subscription Issues

My subscription seems to renew but no rewards show up. Also no money is withdrawn but I still have the inventory benefit.

Lastly, when I try to manage my subscription, I don't see it listed in the Play Store or App Store. I play with both my iPhone or Android depending on which phone is fully charged.

My initial subscription was done on Android and I used to see it listed in the subscriptions. Not anymore.

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  • I see your inventory benefit and item rewards were last added to your account on 2021/05/09 Sun 6:27:48 PM. Your June 9 renewal hasn't occurred yet so you should still see your inventory benefits, no money has been withdrawn for June 9, and therefore no item rewards have shown up for June 9.

    Your subscription payment method is Google Play Store, so this will not also show up on the Apple App Store (the two storefronts aren't synced on their ends). In order to manage your subscription, it should be listed here with the original Google Account that you signed into Google Play with to subscribe:

  • One more way to check to confirm you're signed into the original Google Account that you signed into Google Play with to subscribe is to check your past Google Play order history:

    If you're still unable to find Ingress Prime (C.O.R.E. Monthly Subscription), then I think you'll need to contact Google Play's Support Team or use their automated tool here to manage your subscription:

  • luckymartluckymart ✭✭

    Got same Issue from 7 June: inventory is still 2000

  • CrepitusOzCrepitusOz ✭✭
    edited June 10

    I also have this problem, my subscription seems to be active and I have the flair but not the 2500 inventory.

    Can Niantic raise that this is a problem occurring for different users?

    Subscription problems are pretty much terminal for game play and will cause people to quit subscribing or quit playing.

    Like why would I try to play today when my inventory is 2487/2000? The only thing i could possibly do is destroy stuff and put a few deploys on, but I can’t hack even keys to link things.

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  • fixed now

  • 0nry00nry0 ✭✭
    edited June 11

    The 500+ inventory even though my CORE subscription is active. 500 capacity expansion to inventory - red and could not any hack portal. losing my sojourner streak. Please assist.

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  • BFLmouseBFLmouse ✭✭

    I have the same issue. My subscription renewed yesterday. I got the extra items, but the increased inventory cap disappeared. Signing out of the app and back in did not fix the issue.

    This is a nasty surprise to suddenly become 400 items over the cap when I only had one day left to make Onyx Sojourner. I had to recycle a huge pile of gear to get back under the cap and continue my streak.

  • So while small this appears to be a growing problem. Subscription renewed this morning, loadout received and extra 500 inventory disappeared. In APP support suggested reinstall and get to a stronger network and this is a temporary issue. As the issue was not resolved with the in-app solution this is not a temporary problem.

    What gives? You got my money and now I'm not receiving value for it.

  • Naoma81Naoma81 ✭✭

    For third time in a row, paid for core ( apple ) and didn’t get all the benefits of it! I game chat I’m not getting respond anymore for over a month now! Someone here that can look into it!

  • @Naoma81

    My solution that seemed to work, I'm on IOS and this was with the apple app store, might be different on Google:

    Same issue here. Anniversary today, got the loadout and then inventory space dropped to 2000 vs the paid for 2500 space.

    So I tried a weird solution that fixed this issue for me. Since the subscription was still valid for 30 days from today and I had already received the loadout for the month, I cancelled the subscription.

    Immediately after the confirmation of the cancellation, I resubscribed. The inventory was back at 2500 and so far, no additional charges to the account.

    While this could incur an additional cost, I'll dispute it as a double billing if necessary. As with all thing, ymmv.

  • Hi @NianticBrian I'm having the same problem with my core renewal, my payment day was June 11 but I haven't received any items from the core, I have the email of Google confirming the payment, so I don't know what to do 😔

  • xor22hxor22h ✭✭

    Hi @NianticBrian,

    I have same issue for the second month in a row. After day of renewal, i get all benefits except storage increase.

    I got rewards package, but inventory is still 2000. I can see inventory on But can't enter passcode as items dont fit (although i have ~2400 only)

    Subscription is managed by Apple, it shows all is fine.

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