The ugly head of the Desktop Scanner rears again...

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I didn't do a very exhaustive search but I am sure this idea has been broached before:

Would it be possible to manage inventory and perhaps charge portals from a "desktop" version of the scanner; a sort of extended version of – and I'll even let you have this one for free! – perhaps called

Maybe this could be a perk for players L8+, or even some higher access level?

Think on it.


  • You should put this in General. Ingress Community Feedback is one of those weird categories that doesn't show up on Recent Discussions, so people won't notice it.

    In terms of 'Desktop Scanner', what would you do with it?

  • I have a wifi tablet i use for this at home. Drone flight , recharging, inventory sorting etc.. i close and run scanner on my phone when actually playing.

  • I wonder how high a level one can get without actually visiting a portal.

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    To start, I reckon there are 6 badges you can progress without visiting a portal:

    First Saturday (6 months to silver, 12 months to gold), Hacker, Maverick, Sojourner (30 days to silver, 60 days to gold), Translator, Trekker

    Make your life easier - allow Recharger (get someone else to give you keys) and Purifier (as you can fire L8 XMPs from over 100m away)

    Once you are L10, you can add Recon to the list so, even without Recharger or Purifier, you've got 7 badges available. There is nothing stopping you from reaching L16 - except for the total insanity of the idea. LOL

    I didn't look at AP earning to start, and thought it would take a ridiculous length of time, but here are some back of an envelope calculations that I hope I have right.

    AP earning.... Once you hit level 8, you can potentially earn approx 550AP per hack from an opposite faction P8, so you needs around 73K hacks. Make the most of double AP events and you can cut the number. Hourly hacks with drone - 3000 days or so with minimal sleep, but we are seeing plenty of events where you can hack every 10-15minutes.

    This is actually starting to sound achievable!

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