More language support (ex: Traditional Chinese for Taiwan)

@NianticMac @NianticScot Remember we just have a "very short talk between Chinese & Japanese" minutes ago XD

Maybe consider add Tradition Chinese pages for Taiwan agents? or what is the plan for adding more languages for other counties? Will it be seperated like Japanese and Engilsh? Local agents are keep asking for these quentions, could you please tell us more about this?



  • The team is still focused on the initial launch and we will be looking at how we can best sustainably support the global community as we expand. I'm sorry I don't have an immediate answer for you on this.

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    @NianticScot Thanks for the answer, hope global community will be stronger in the future and give agents a place to share all Ingress stories no matter which country 😀

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    Bring in Halette / Hilda here 😉

  • Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese all need.

    There are hundreds of players in the mainland. You can check out the mission day activities of 2017.

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    @workArea totally agree! ~ lots of player using Chinese in Asia

  • @ricorp I am here. And I would really love to see you guys sharing your good stuff to a global audience like how you did with Google+. 你還是可以用中文啊!😎

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    @NianticHilda Ingress community 加油加油!希望翻譯快快開發~香港的朋友也能有更好的體驗:))

  • @jim831001 我香港人表示不需要

  • 作为玩家,连包容精神都没有?甚至说,不需要?

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    I think we need a mechanism to determine the moderator to make a 中文 forum!

    I think that Niantic is good to employ the 中文 staff...

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    I think Chinese-speaking agent community does need a sub-forum that is similar to the Japanese sub-forum. The main reason for this is not the UI language, but the language everyone uses in their posts. So far as I observed, many of our fellow agents from Chinese-speaking region feel uncomfortable for the fact that they have to post things in a forum where the majority can't read Chinese at all, which is indeed frustrating. Considering there are thousands of active agents in the Chinese-speaking region and there is already a Japanese sub-forum, I believe adding a Chinese sub-forum will be worth the effort.

  • @Ethern Totally agreed. 完全同意

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