Kinetic Crafting: new items and recipes suggestions

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As the new Kinetic Capsule came in, new posibilities came in aswell. these are just some ideas:

Crafted Mods: new mods that mix up properties of rare mods. These mods still apply the multiple mod reduction and would add up a new level into the mod deploying. To prevent Quantum Capsule abuse, any crafted mod would be Very Rare. Here are the recipe suggestions:

-Shielded Turret: 3xRare Portal Shield, 3xTurret, 3xCommon shield, 3xResonator, 3xXMP

-Shielded Force Amp: 3xRare Portal Shield, 3xForce Amp, 3xCommon shield, 3xResonator, 3xUltra Strike

-Shielded Link Amp: 3xRare Portal Shield, 3xRare Link Amp, 3xCommon Portal Shield, 3xResonator

-Shielded Multihack: 3xRare Multihack, 3xRare Portal Shield, 3xCommon Multihack, 3xCommon Portal Shield, 3xResonator

-Shielded Heat Sink: 3xRare Heat Sink, 3xRare Portal Shield, 3xCommon Heat Sink, 3xCommon Portal Shield, 3xResonator

-Turreted Heat Sink: 3xTurret, 3xRare Heat Sink, 3xResonator, 3xXMP

-Turreted Multihack: 3xTurret, 3xRare Multihack, 3xResonator, 3xXMP

-Turreted Link Amp: 3xTurret, 3xLink Amp, 3xXMP, 3xResonator

-Turreted Force Amp: 3xTurret, 3xForce Amp, 3xXMP, 3xUltra Strike

-Force Amped Multihack: 3xForce Amp, 3xRare Multihack, 3xResonator, 3xUltra Strike

-Force Amped Heat Sink: 3xForce Amp, 3xRare Heat Sink, 3xResonator, 3xUltra Strike

-Force Amped Link Amp: 3xForce Amp, 3xRare Link Amp, 3xResonator, 3xUltra Strike

-Link Amped Heat Sink: 3xRare Heat Sink, 3xRare Link Amp, 3xCommon Heat Sink, 3xResonator

-Link Amped Multihack: 3xRare Multihack, 3xRare Link Amp, 3xCommon Multihack, 3xResonator

-Heat Sinked Multihack: 3xRare Multihack, 3xCommon Multihack, 3xRare Heat Sink, 3xCommon Heat Sink, 3xResonator

Other Crafted Items: Kinetic could also be used to created other Very Rare items, like Quantum Capsules or flip cards, appart from already existing recipes.



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