User Account is gone

Since about 30 minutes my partner isn't able to login to Ingress anymore, or this forum. She gets a notice that her account doesn't exist.

We tried to login couple of times, and switch phones but the issues remains.

This is on a iPhone 12 Pro Max and Iphone 12XS both on wifi and 5G.

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  • Fun fact, she is able to login to Ingress using her Facebook account she uses for Pokemon. She never attached Facebook to the Ingress account for herself, so somewhere Niantic seems to be syncing something.

    Hoewever adding her gmail account again is impossible, as it says there is already a account. Trying to login with Gmail produces this error again.

  • @PelPlays what is her Ingress username? If you link or unlink a Facebook Account to your Niantic Account in Pokémon GO (or any Niantic Game or Niantic Profile), it links or unlinks your Facebook Account to your Niantic Account everywhere.

  • Also, after she signs in to her Ingress account using Sign in with Facebook, is she able to link her Google Account so that she can use Sign in with Google going forward?

  • PelPlaysPelPlays ✭✭
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    No, then she gets the message that the account is already in use.

    However when she tries to login with Gmail again it says that there is no account.

    Her account is Roxxy84 in both Pokemon as Ingress. However in Pokemon gmail is also gone, we didnt unlink it manual in either pokemon or Ingress.

    For Pokemon we seem to have the same issue.

  • Agent @Tenkterra is having the same problem with ingress account.


  • @NianticBrian also @ObiTwan71 has lost access to his ingress account progress. Is a restarted profile while the tutorial and everything.

  • I have seen about 5 or 6 people with same issues the last our on Telegram. Its good to know we didnt do something wrong ourselves

  • I only can login with Facebook and not with my Google account on this site

  • I have the same issue. Logging in with Google isnt working. Ingress starts up with the tutorial and back to Level 1. I already contacted Ingress support with some additional screenshots thanks to @TheSpeedyB

  • SindayaSindaya ✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian My local friend is having the same issue. Occured at a similar hour. Been trying to help him over the phone for the last hours. We've tried every known and suggested solution but no luck.

    His agent name is @Grisatassen

    Enl. Agent Sweden

    Grateful for any help

  • This is happening because there are multiple login methods for a given Niantic Account. If you use a different login method (for example, Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google) to sign into another Niantic game, in the meantime, you can try signing into Ingress via that alternate login method. We're working on a fix to re-associate the login method you used previously with your Ingress account.

  • SindayaSindaya ✭✭✭


    In the case of @Grisatassen mentioned above, he would like to add that he does not have a Facebook account linked to his one and only Ingress account. Only login method hence gmail. Nor does he have any other Niantic games accounts.

    Ingress disconnected for him mid gaming around 18.30 utc and after that he was not able to log in, getting the "no account" message. Same goes for Intel, forum and wayfarer. His account still appears online through the scanner as shown in pic.

    Thanks //Sindaya on the behalf of Grisatassen.

  • My friend got the same issue, so I volunteer to post this to help him to retrieve his account. He never played Pokemon go and HWPU only ingress app. He never tried to link Facebook account into this game for his privacy.

    When I tried to open my account to check if his account is still existed in this game. Yes still existed so why he cannot login please help us

    @NianticBrian please help Resistance player from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • @AgentDazeLYRO it looks like @AerosKnight has multiple login methods and one is an account, which could be either Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google. We're still investigating.

  • @NianticBrian please take a look at @Tenkterra account, tried to login with all linked accounts and none worked.

    Also it doesn't even appear on the forums anymore as you can see tagging the account, thanks.

  • I have the same problem, I had a problem of multiple accounts to sign in ingress and today my main google account stopped working. Almost a year ago I filled out a google form to Nia-Ops saying which account I wanted to keep and it is the one that has been deleted.

    Another problem is with wayfarer, my main account no longer works (I had it from OPR) and when I sign with the account that lets me sign in ingress now the number of votes is 0. How will this affect the Recon medal?

  • AgentDazeLYROAgentDazeLYRO ✭✭
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    thank you so much @NianticBrian for closely monitoring this issue on behalf of @AerosKnight we will wait your positive feedback on this investigation :) as per @AerosKnight discussion and communication with him his facebook account link with other (gmail account) not related on ingress gmail account game (separation between social privacy account and in-games gmail account). he is only one active resistance player here in our town we cannot afford to loose this player. once again thank you so much 🇵🇭

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's because he could never log in on the forum due to another problem, which never created a forum account which in turn means you could never tag him. Also a bug, but a different one which isn't influenced by this one.

  • Another account with this problem, @Didostiko

    Only have one Gmail as login and when try to login, ingress asks if want to create a new account.


  • Thanks for the follow-up, @MATIAS288! Could you please advise @Didostiko to reach out to our in-app support? Our dedicated team will look into it and assist him in rectifying this issue.

  • SternZ1SternZ1 ✭✭

    I'm having the same problem but in my case I can't log in with my gmail or Fb, both methods are gone for me as both had the same email for log in. I'm playing logged in with my forum email ...yes I have a different email for the forum since my personal email was always rejected as a log in method for the forum I've registered with another email and now that's the one I can access the game. 😴

  • Hi, I still cant login with my linked accounts (Google/FB) into Ingress. I reported this to support. The issue remains and is not solved yet.

    Even when logging into IITC I have the same issue. Please see to this problem asap. Thank you.

  • SternZ1SternZ1 ✭✭
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    Used to be like this and now I'm being forced to log in with an email I never should have had to use in the 1st place only used it as a workaround for having my email rejected in the community forum... I always thought that rejection was related to the use of dots on my email address. No idea!

  • Hi,

    Even nominations done with my Google account linked to Ingress aren't visible in Wayfarer. They are gone.This is getting very annoying.

    Same Google account linked to Pokémon Go has no problems.

  • Agent @Caorunner is also having issues logging in. When I ping him, he sees the notification but his username is white and not clickable.

  • Agent EdSh1973 is also having the same/similar issue. Cannot access Ingress for a few hours now, getting the "No account found" error.

    We have contacted the support and we were informed that his account is "" using the Facebook login. In reality, this agent never used such an email account with Ingress (or even had one). His real Ingress account email is sort of similar to his IGN.

    @NianticBrian please have a look at this

  • mistakeaccmistakeacc ✭✭
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    @NianticBrian I am Agent @Caorunner and my account has also been affected by this No Account Found error. I don't have a secondary way to access my Ingress account.

    I also have my Ingress and Pokemon split over two different emails (I can't log into the Community Forum with my Ingress email - this is my PG email!) and I would like to combine them but last time I tried I couldn't do it and ended up possibly messing it up for good. I would like all the games under one profile (inc Wayfarer) but as I can't sign in to Ingress at all that is the more pressing issue!

    Thanks - hopefully you can provide an update as clearly time is ticking for Sojourner and Epoch for those of us that are unable to log in today. It's been almost 21 hours.

    Edited to add: email affected is not this one - this was the 'mistakeacc' that I can't now get rid of and definitely don't want!

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