Sojourner Streak Reset But Hackstreak it's Ok

I am an active ingress player, and it seems strange to me that while my daily hackstreak is displaying correctly my sojourner has been reset, is it an error?

note that my current hackstreak is superior to my current sojourner. thank you very much for your attention

(Android 10, Motorola one macro)

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  • Hackstreaks are controlled by calendar days. Sojourner is in 24 hour periods since the first hack of that streak.

    Example: Presume your Sojourner window starts at 11am each day. You hack at 10am on Day 1 and it doesn't increment Sojourner. You hack at 12pm on Day 2 and your Sojourner Streak has disappeared because you didn't hack between 11am Day 1 and 11am Day 2. However, since you hacked once on Day 1 and once on Day 2, your hackstreak continues.

  • @CarlangasI978 if you hack again tomorrow, did your Current Sojourner Streak actually update to 4 or did it go to 1?

  • It is just normal behavior

    For example, my Sojourner was started at 19:04 (local time), and if I make first hack of the day before that time - then only hack streak will increase, not Sojourner

  • GorillaSapiensGorillaSapiens ✭✭✭✭✭

    i'd post a laugh emoji if it weren't so sad.

    i think the hackstreak was invented to make people less angsty about losing their (poorly described) sojourner streak.

    when they really just should have fixed sojourner.

    my crystal ball says they will sunset sojourner at some point,

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