Mission Rejection

I have been submitting this mission banner from the MissionProject and Niantic always reject one of them making my mission banner incomplete and undoable.

I am pretty sure that the above missions has been approved all over the world as I've seen them on both IngressMosaic (Rest In Peace) and Specops.quest however, my second mission (the evolution one) always get rejected with the following reasons:

  • Use of an image or text that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use or that consists of a logo
  • Use of official Niantic logos or event names (NL1331, Mission Day, etc.)
  • Use of Image or Text that claims the Mission as "official", otherwise implies it has special designation, or is endorsed by Niantic (e.g., "The Official Ingress London Mission")

All six missions have the same description yet I always getting rejection from the second mission.

I have been resubmitting the said mission since February 2021 with different description and title. Tried submitting it in English and in my native language but again, rejected.

I am hoping that Niantic do something about the mission approval. Lots of people are playing Ingress just to complete mission banners and series.




  • What is the description? I'm not sure what the issue with inconsistency is but there are multiple mission reviewers and I would imagine a resubmitted mission is sent back to the same reviewer.

    One option may be to delete completely and recreate the 2nd mission.

  • NgernNgern ✭✭✭
    edited May 2021

    Here's my description:

    Take a stroll around Pasig and Begin Journey Breathe XM Evolution Together #MissionProject.

    (Pasig is the City where the mission is located)

    It worked with the first 5 missions, why not work the last one? 😥

    I also tried deleting the mission completely and recreate it with the same portals, different portals. I even asked a friend to submit the same mission his account. Still rejected 😭

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  • Then yeah, I got nothing.

  • NgernNgern ✭✭✭

    Admin can close this thread now.

    I resubmitted everything with a new image from the MissionProject and it was approved immediately.

    Thanks for the help though @Perringaiden

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