[Support page] Multiple articles have incorrect information

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Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but Casey said that everything regarding Ingress goes ^^'

Some of the support articles have incorrect or outdated information. I'll try listing them here.

What is the dronenet?

Article hasn't been updated to reflect the fact that with the release of the Dronenet layer in the scanner, the drone now seems to be the Mark II version, as indicated by the scanner when tapping the ! in dronenet view.

How do I deploy Drone Mark I?

Same as above, still mentions the Mark I drone and shows the old Mark I picture.

Daily bonuses

As per this bug report here, Brian mentioned that it was never intended for the 7th day to grant 1000 AP. The announcement on the forum was fixed, but the article still says that the 7th day will give you 1000 AP.

What is C.O.R.E?

There is a missing line break for the "C.O.R.E. Agent Profile Medal" line, the article still states that you'll get 7000 CMU and it is missing that you can view your inventory in intel.

Premium Items

Missing Apex and Fireworks in the list

Apex Boosts

Mentions that 1.5X and 1.25X versions "are available". I'm aware that Niantic thought of introducing those versions in the future, but as of right now, they aren't available.

Brand and Fan-site Guidelines

Mentions G+ a bunch of times, which shut down.


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