Pop-up for banned words during proposals

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I'm reporting this as bug since it is extremelly annoying and I've lost a considerable ammount of time to solve it.

First, this pop-up shows up so fast that I mistake it for the usual "unable to send" pop-up and retried to just resent my nominations without any changes. When I finnaly reallized it was a different one, I had to record my screen, replay it on slowmotion just to pause the right time and print the screen.

After it, I had trouble discovering what word was banned, since I didn't writed anyting "bad". Removed and changes the ones I tought was the problem and nothing. End up being the world "tirando", that could mean both removing or taking depending on context. In that case, it was a picture of a cat and mouse taking a selfie together and that what I writed down in portuguese (tirando uma selfie/taking a selfie) and had to change it word by word (ended up like making a picture...).

So, my request would be:

  1. more time displaying that pop-up or make it show until the player click to close it
  2. show what word was denied
  3. make that filter more inteligent and not filter foreing languages
  4. if someone know in what language tirando is a bad word, could you tell what it means, because I'm curious now.
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