a key to remember the ifs in each passcode!

idea from @Ivizar.

For more than a year now, the monthly ifs event has been held in a virtual format. agents scattered in different chats, sometimes not in the nearest cities. Naturally we get to know each other, chat, boast of achievements and show the keys. And then, in the course of a nice conversation, an offer comes - why not add the key from the registration portal to the passcode for ifs?

Great idea! Such souvenirs will encourage agents to become even more socialized, new chats, new acquaintances, every month search for a new city with fs to replenish the collection of keys. And the organizers will carefully choose a registration portal with an interesting attraction for the city or pore over a thematic ifs.



  • RushdiieRRRushdiieRR ✭✭✭✭

    good idea, I like it like having Rover portal key (Rover passcode) and Cupid Span (Valentine's Day spesial passcode).

    registration portal key with history, culture and uniqueness will be very good.

  • Nice idea! It would be nice to have a 6th housekeeper like the olds ;-))

  • I like this.

    Sadly i cant get back keys from already visited IFS. Or... ?

  • SergBRainSergBRain ✭✭

    For the entire time of the online #FS format, I have already visited more than 12 cities. I like this idea.

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