Active Win Trading: NYC First Saturday organizers (both res agents)

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Early last night (5/6/21), one of the two First Saturday organizers for NYC recursed again. The second FS organizer is win trading with him at the same portal to level him back up quickly again. it's nearly 1am (5/7/21) and they're still spamming fields (hours of stationary win trades)

Both of these agents are actually Resistance community members.

1) They frequently recurse to attend anomalies as bad actors on the ENL side, spamming useless mods on portals so the resistance can capture them. When ENL host their Anomaly team chats, they actively have to warn agents to not discuss OPsec with these two agents.

2) They have complete control over both factions for all NYC First Saturday events instead of working with the ENL community there to host events.

Is there anything to be done about the blatant win trading @NianticBrian? Not sure if Brian is the right person to tag here. Using this to gain control of the FS event organization is pretty bad IMO. Not really in the spirit of community building.

Edit: Agent which recursed was win traded up to level 10 and then they stopped.

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