Intel Comm does not show how many drones were returned when capturing a portal

HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭
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There is only an entry "Drone returned to Agent" even the portal did have several drones on it.

11:43 <HopeaKotka> captured Hannusmetsä: Kataja
11:43 <HopeaKotka> Drone returned to Agent by HopeaKotka

Not sure if this is an intended feature.

Agent Stats was updated correctly after capturing several portals with several drones attached:

Samsung S10+
Android 11
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  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭
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    Pretty sure that’s intended. Brian himself said the design is made so the only Drone Returned alerts that go out are for each individual agent who had a drone on the portal, not visible to who attacked (unless you self-returned) and so you don’t know whose drones were on that portal.

  • This is also in line with the optimisations added a few years back to resonator destruction, so that only one entry is added per portal that lost X resonators. (Except when using a flipcard.)

  • This is working as designed. The COMM alert is to tell you that your Drone was returned to you, in this case by you:

    11:43 <HopeaKotka> Drone returned to Agent by HopeaKotka

    The Agent Profile metric is to tell you how many Drones you have returned to their owners.

  • KappaTauKappaTau ✭✭

    The COMM alert is not working properly then.

    Either that or you made a mistake in the way you phrased it. My reason is my Drone is nowhere near me and after I returned an enemy drone to it's owner I saw this message in COMM.

  • If I understand correctly, there's two messages.

    1. A COMM Activity message stating that 'an agent returned one or more drones to their owners' which everyone can see, within range of the portal that was flipped.
    2. A COMM Alert message stating that your drone was returned to you, by another agent.

    You're seeing the first message, not the second.

  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭
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    The log line

    11:43 <HopeaKotka> Drone returned to Agent by HopeaKotka

    was not from COMM Alerts, it was copied from Intel All section (Activities).

    What I did was I captured/used flipcards to several enemy portals that did have 2-8 drones attached to portal, but instead of COMM Activities showing above line (without info how many drones were returned) should it show something like this when a portal is captured and portal has more than one drone on it:

    11:43 <HopeaKotka> 8 Drone(s) returned to Agent(s) by HopeaKotka

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Since it's only shown to you, I think you will already know how many drones was there

  • Personally I think that knowing someone sent drones home is enough. If you want to know how many you did, you can look at your stats. For everyone else, it's just the action.

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