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    I'm relatively ok with having a "team/frenemy" view of all deployed drones, so long as you don't repeat the Guardian badge fiasco. Even though you're tracking the stats, PLEASE don't create badges for either: returned drones, or distance flown.

    I've already managed to get my drone to fly its currently-maximum possible distance from my home city (a relatively paltry 25km). In order to get any farther from here, we'd literally have to create more portals, and that's taking into account the "key jumping" trick. And those spots where there are un-droneable gaps, there currently isn't anything to submit.

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    I love this new feature. keep up the good work! ... just an idea to add something, wouldn't it be nice that if you try to send your drone to a full portal (if i understand correctly each portal can accomodate up to 8 drones) instead of the action not being completed and getting an error, one of the drones that already are at that portal (random, maybe opposite faction first) gets knocked down and sent back to the owner? .. I think it would be a nice way to add to the "drones returned" stat. 😁


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    Even in areas with high turnover, there are nearby patches that are left alone - either persistently neutral because they are out of the way, or hard defending by the owning faction.

    My drone has spent quite a bit of time around London, and for long periods, by being careful where it travels. Central London as we come out of lockdown? I would probably avoid except during an event with 10 minute cooldown. But given how long I owned a poorly shielded portal a couple of years ago, even central has its slow spots.

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    Why should a distance medal not be released? I'm reading it as you don't want one because you're limited to 25km...

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    Finally drone medal was comes out :D

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    By that logic, do you want Explorer and Pioneer badges taken out of the game?

    As the world comes out of lockdown, there will be few people who never visit a portal dense city. Virtually everyone will get their chance to get drone visits eventually. Except Niantic have also created a situation which doesn't look much different to Guardian Hunting. People might not know whose drone they returned - but that doesn't matter to people with that mindset.

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    Hope Niantic relese we can see unique drone prorals.

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    No, I don't, but I don't see a problem with trying to be a bit more inclusive with this badge. There is still the possibility of introducing a unique drone visits badge, you never know. And just to forestall any comments, it's not VG foreshadowing. We don't know if Niantic will introduce it or not.

    Regarding the Guardian Hunting, there are significant differences though... you can't scrape drone data. You don't know who the drones belong to, and you can't track 'em if you're not a) in the area, b) have a drone in the same location or c) have a key to view it.

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    Adding a unique visit medal, which I'd like, will only be tougher now with this ability to send them home much easier. Same with a drone distance medal. I'm glad I did a lengthy flight early on, will be much more difficult now

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    In New Zealand, it is May 4th.

    Happy Star Wars Day

  • Medal came in after i did move n hack 9mins ago.

    Samsung Galaxy S20, Andriod 11

  • I would like the possibility of launching the drone from any key in the inventory.

  • robb2k4robb2k4 ✭✭✭

    I like the new stat with"drones sent home". That has potential. Maybe even a streak for days without the drone to be sent home. You could even give it a badge... Let's say 150 days for black... 😂

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    I think Mark II have lower cooldown and we see more far away.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭

    What are the different? I only see new design. Same range and same cooldown.

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    @NianticBrian the animated ornaments are lovely, please don't change them.

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    Wohooo almost half of the Onyx badge

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