CORE subscription renewed but benefits removed

My CORE subscription renewed yesterday (1 May). Received my receipt from the Apple store, but my storage has been reset, badge gone and CMU not granted. CORE is listed as an active subscription in my Apple account.

I have tried "refresh" under setting/subscription. I have logged out and logged back in, and I have tried in-game actions. 

iOS Version: 14.5

App Version: 2.70.1-3e2b0b3d


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    Please put in a ticket with Remy the support bot.

    1. Open
    2. Type "Skip" to activate Remy.
    3. Choose Help with Premium Items.
    4. Choose I don't see the Premium Items / CMU that I purchased
    5. Enter your codename.
    6. Enter your receipt details from Google Play.

    This is the most effective way to get your ticket answered.

  • Same here. I received an email yesterday with a receipt that my recurring subscription had been paid. The game does not reflect that and my inventory is now overloaded. Makes gameplay next to impossible without deleting stuff

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    Thanks @Perringaiden . On an iPhone, but yes I had done so yesterday when I first noticed it from my mobile when I couldn't complete my hackstreak (over inventory now that Core benefit was removed). I added the Apple receipt number to that, too, so I hope that helped. I don't see a way to view my ticket or check the status any longer, and did not receive an email confirmation of the ticket. Not 100% sure it was even submitted so had the recommendation to try here. Appreciate the help, though!

    Actually, strike that, I went back into support on my mobile and I can see the log of it. I'll continue to try that.

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     I don't see a way to view my ticket or check the status any longer, and did not receive an email confirmation of the ticket.

    That's one of the things that I would love to see change, that you get an email after putting the ticket in, not once it's closed or responded to.

    But I think is a limitation of the helpdesk software, not something Niantic can fix. The best they can do AFAIK is, like spoofing, add the Ticket number to the response from Remy once the ticket number is raised.

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    I’ve been seeing a lot of these issues with CORE not reloading/giving benefits on iOS and I’m fairly certain it’s, in part at least, in Apple’s billing practices. It’s not uncommon for them to wait a week or even two after an initial purchase until billing the purchaser’s payment method (and, presumably, paying the game their due share). This happened to me last month, subscription showed as renewed in app and App Store, retained my flair and Inventory expansion but no loadout kit. Two weeks later, I make an action and I suddenly receive my loadout kit. Check my email, and there’s the bill from Apple for the past two weeks’ purchases, and only then was my card charged. Need to test this with a gift card loaded but might be the same result.

    Not sure how other games handle this type of billing practice as this is the only game I actually subscribe to 😂

  • It definitely seems to be an issue with the interactions between Niantic and Apple, as iOS is the lion's share of issues. But Apple also handles millions of subscriptions every day, so either there's some unique aspect that isn't experienced by other products, or there's some miscommunication or misinterpretation of the proper way to go about it.

  • @Loxycoon @touchtoomuch do your C.O.R.E. benefits return if you take a game action now?

  • MaridiaMaridia ✭✭

    I’m experiencing the same problem. Extremely annoying with the inventory now overloaded, having to delete items not to lose the hacking streak.

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    Not sure if this is related, but I ended up getting a loadout kit today erroneously, I think. My "months subscribed" meter also ticked forward 1 to a total of 4. My billing cycle is on the 23rd, but it randomly gave me a load-out today. I figured I'd tag you because you had fixed my account a couple of weeks ago and my benefits appeared then. I put in a ticket with Remy as well.

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