Maratryoshka Level 7 homogenous field (Vancouver Island, Canada)


A level 1 homogenous field (all places in the field have an equal number of layers) has 3 links, 3 portals and 1 field.

A level 2 homogenous field has 6 links, 4 portals and 4 fields

A level 6 homogenous field is the highest level one can get (without co-located anchors) in normal ingress play.

A level 7 homogenous field has 1045 links, 367 portals and 1043 fields and is only available 1043 fields and is only available during the Maratryoshka where one can link under fields. (unless you have co-located portals)

So we got very excited and rallied the troops and made a draw and planned our op and set out on Sunday afternoon to make history and....failed utterly and epically.

We ended up with smashed fields, messed up throw orders, smashed anchors and only a few lonely triangles to show for hours of work.

So we wandered off and started thinking about "next time" and all our mistakes from the first time. And we came up some really good ideas.

For example, maybe having an anchor an easy 15 minute walk from 3 active smurfs was not the greatest idea. Maybe we should put an anchor on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

And so we drew and drew and drew and discussed and we argued and we plotted and we wore out our pencils and slate tablets.

Thursday night at 8PM we started throwing the fields. 10 hours and over a 1000 keys later at Friday morning at 6AM we finished what we believe is the first level 7 homogenous field in the world. 3 hours to spare and some fairly sleepy agents staring at intel in disbelief when we received verification that there was not a single missing field or link out of place. Every one of the over 1000 links were completely correct.

Full sit rep to follow, but for now a huge, huge shout-out to all the agents involved-both on the island and sometimes on the other side of the world that made this happen.


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