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  • I've heard in various tg forums from people saying it's changed the game, lost the competition aspect, and that they are just waiting for it to be over.

    Hopefully it hasn't caused too many core players to decide to quit

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    I've heard 3 very vocal opponents. Most like it. 🤣

    Still have a couple days to go, game hasn't been broken and people haven't quit. Amazing how the doom and gloom never came?

  • Amazing how the doom and gloom never came?

    You realize this is exactly the reason no-one arguing with you believes you understand the point right? Communities don't die in a week. No-one is saying the event isn't an interesting diversion, but made permanent, it would destroy the competitive aspects of the game within 6-12 months. Not a week.

    You're thinking purely personal, without being willing to consider that it undermines attempts to re-motivate a community that's already been flagging before COVID, and hasn't had a chance to make full use of all t he good improvements that the team has put in during the last year.

    A week doesn't show anything.

  • A week can show Niantic if this type of change increases engagement. Ultimately, isn’t that what Ingress needs to be self-sustaining?

  • Engagement is generally measured over time. Activity can be increased for a short period, but that doesn't necessarily mean engagement.

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    Guess we need to extend the event to get a better dataset! <3

  • no, a week isn't going to show anything other than everyone going "oh hey, something new."

    however there is no real competition with this in place, there's not much of a point to play. And after a few weeks, the players that thrive on the competition, that play Ingress to battle the other faction, that buy into the "Ingress is a battle between factions for control of the XM" which has been stated almost since its inception, will just give up and go find something else todo.

    That's a much larger part of the player base than those that just want to run around tossing random links or dropping a few fields here and there just because fields are cool.

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  • "Lets destroy Ingress to prove that it would"

    Ah huh. Good plan.

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    you were already told that it would take longer than a week, so what datasets do you think exist. Whether you like it or not, however, that IS what would happen. Being able to field under fields changes the core of the game, destroys the challenge, and since ingress is a strategy game, not a collecting game like pogo and potter, it will destroy it to remove the challenge and make strategy to win cycle unnecessary.

    If you're trying to turn Ingress into a happy, shinny, everybody helps everybody else and everyone wins game, what you are going to wind up with is a game everyone will be bored with in a few months, and that will be dead a few months later.

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    If you've read my posts across multiple threads, you'd understand I'm not attempting to implement matryoshka exactly as-is. We have room to improve local play and retain players while still making the MU/field planning game relevant and just as challenging.

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    Let's hear your suggestions for that then, instead of just arguing without providing real solutions. I'm fairly sure @NianticBrian is reading this thread, and equally sure he's open to good, solid, suggestions for improving game play on all sides.

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    @crystalwizard I...... have totally been posting my solution, ad nauseam. But, I'll do it again for the sake of exercise.

    Modified rules:

    -While under a field, link distances are suppressed.

    -Link distance allowed is based on portal density and also how big the covering field is.

    -Rebuilding large layers from the inside will not be mathematically possible, even with link amps.

    -Creation of long links under the field will be possible, but only when utilizing link amps.

    The goal is to enable small, local, microfielding play while still retaining the requirement to plan your fields or fight for the MU game as we normally do. Some counter play of creating long blockers will be possible, but at the cost of rare link amps.

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    Disclaimer: I'm on an evil perma field making team.

    A week ago thought this would be an interesting novelty for a week and gave it a fair shot. Made about 150+ links thus far and made about 2.5M worth of layers under an existing field in central CT/USA area. Was bias against this feature being a permanent gameplay allowance for all of the reasons @crystalwizard and @Perringaiden have laid out and a week later will confirm the same thinking.

    The cell I'm in had the biggest final score for last cycle that I can remember by about 500k (somewhere around 3.5M/usually we're about 1.5-1.7 but if the locals are being extra lazy we'll touch 2-3M on semi-rare occasions).

    All I've seen the locals that are covered generally do is drive from poke park to poke park and derp link everywhere they can possibly link to (I imagine some of this is commute driving as well). I see no evidence of anything other than thoughtless playing and not AP **** microfielding (outside one player that is vocal here in a local college area).....perhaps this is what the game should be turning into to gain customers (if this is the be all end all goal).

    It would seem under this rule set there is -0- incentive to clear fields, which brings me back to the point from my post at the beginning of the event as to why the fix isn't just getting rid of the regional scoreboard?

    My last thought that is an ignorant gobbly-**** hypothesis based on nothing other than my random thoughts is that the players that might actively be **** links around under the field and not worried at all about what the regional scoreboard might read I -might- safely presume are not the players that will flying/driving around the country spending time, effort and cash to play this game if/when we get back to ability to do such things. Nor are they subscribing nor buying anything. They want the quick dopamine kick from hitting link at stop lights or while moving from poke nest to poke nest or to break up the daily drive--which is all good I just don't agree a fundamental rule change needs to be implemented to appease them. I don't believe that all of a sudden the extra act of linking after they can already deploy is going to continue over the long run of keeping them interested.

    The team part of this game and more directly the 'winning' and 'losing' part of ingress we do together as a team is what the backbone of the community and staying power is. I personally don't play to chase AP or badges. If they come that's nice. I play (as do many of my dinosaur long term types) to win the mu that's what the game mechanics and rules and SCOREBOARD determine we should be doing. Again--if AP or some other mechanic is the new 'it' than remove the current scoring mechanism and change it to something else instead of trying to dumb it down.

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    lol, competitive play. how about we solve the spoofer / multiaccounting issues first, then talk about 'competititve play'. until then, just make the game fun

  • I don't get it. How would removing regional scores improve the game?

  • I liked playing this way (somewhat). The area I live in (Northern Utah) the blue team constantly have a large MU up, so that makes it impossible nearly to make MUs of our own. So, this way provided us with an opportunity to make MUs. However where's the incentive if they make this a permanent change? I don't like the fact that I wasn't able to see the green MUs under the big blue one where if green fields were there already, and the blue one comes up, it would show up on the scanner.

    Next, IF they did decide on making this something permanent that wouldn't give those few die-hard blue players incentive to keep doing what they're doing as much to capture the big outside one (and constantly win the results of the local/regional score).

    I think they should keep the game as it is. Maybe bring this event back once a year for fun.

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    This is good insight! Welcome to the forums, your very first post after joining today was very informative. I tried to ping you in game but @zelspl8page doesn't exist in the system. 😉

  • it's zulspl8page, not zelspl8page, it's wierd.. I saw the ping, but then as I was zooming in and out it disappeared. weird. Anyway, can players do private messages with each other? Like if I hover my mouse over your avatar picture am I able to click some link there and it would says 'send KonnTower a PM'? or something like that?


  • Not on the forums, but many players have the same Username in Telegram as they do in Ingress.

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