Things from inventory is missing

A lot of quantum is missing from my inventory, (I used them for storing different modds) also a quantum with itos is gone.

I think the majority of those itos comes from codes, my own farming, and so does the quantum.

What happend?

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  • Amaterasu00Amaterasu00 ✭✭✭
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    Also keys are gone, I dont know exactly wich keys, but I know for sure there are a lot of keys that I farmed my self about a year ago? Why is those keys taken away?

    I can also prove I have been there, because I discovered a portal there so I have taken a photo of the portal at the time. @NianticCasey or someone else, I would really like my things back.

  • Did the capsules come from your own farming too? Or were they given to you by other players?

  • Its very hard to know, since you never know wich capsule you drop. But what I know is that some keys that are missing, I have farmed my self for sure. The capsules, some must have been in my inventory for a year or so. Only beei g used as storage. Since we got so many from the codes once a month. I have used quantums as ”ordinary” capsules. I actually cherish the normal capsules more since they dont duplicate.

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    Hmm, if you've had the capsules that long, I'm not sure to chalk it up to a bug, or Niantic catching up on stuff they don't like.

    They've had, for some years now, the ability to remove items that were hacked by a bot or spoofer, from people's inventory no matter where they came from. And since Capsules can't be "used up" easily, they typically were the items that most retained a stain of improper sourcing. A capsule could be passed from person to person to person without anyone realizing that the original capsule came from a bot.

    But if you've had the capsules for more than a year or so, and you've lost items that you know you personally hacked up, then it sounds more like a bug or glitch.

    Have you put a support ticket in about this, through the Support page?

    If you open the chat on that page there's:

    Gameplay Issues -> Capsule Disappeared

  • Amaterasu00Amaterasu00 ✭✭✭
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    The support links me here to do a report of the bug

  • Ugh, they changed it again then. Reporting gameplay issues usually gets you to a free text field though.

  • Hey there, @Amaterasu00. Please reach out to our in-app support via the chat window in our Help Center. One of our representatives will take it from there and investigate. Thank you!

  • @NianticKK Could you provide the prompts to Remy that should be used for this, because I can't for the life of me find what options to press after I've provided my email address?

  • Amaterasu00Amaterasu00 ✭✭✭

    I have been in toutch with them and only gets automatic answears. How keys that was given to me directly from you can be illegal, I dont know.

    The same goes for the quantums we were given by codes. 12 agents has been banned so far, and halph of them has gotten their accs back. Isnt it very harsch to first terminate them and then giving some of them their accs back without telling them why? Items has disappeared from a lot of agents and they dont know how they could been infected. Noone of them has bought anything outside the game as far as I know.

    We dont know why you terminates all of our players. Its obvious we have been infected but we dont know when or how. This affects us deeply. Noone wants to pick up keys from the ground, we cant give anything to others and we cant give keys to others.

    I use to give away weapons and modds, and cannot do that. We use to give some agents modds to place in the farms but we cant do that. The whole gameplay is affected..

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