CORE Benefits disappeared before automatic renewal happened



  • I continue with the problem. they have not given me a solution. April subscription is paid. I still do not have the CORE benefits unchanged. no answers.

  • I just triple checked and I got the sorry to see you go email and the your subscription was paid email the same day. Google says I'm still subscribed tho

  • I don't know who, why or how but it was fixed for me

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Still not fixed for me, and Niantic are totally blanking me in support chat, here and on twitter. I'm having to consider my options now, I can't allow them to take my money and not just give me nothing in return but also to treat me with complete contempt. I think I have to take a stand to stop them doing this to the much larger Pokemon GO audience when the subscription launches in that game. They need to learn that when they take a payment, they have to give a merchantable service in return.

  • I simply unsubscribed and resubscribed. No refund.

    I hear the new scanner update has a “restore” feature in it that accomplishes the same thing. Will probably find out next month.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for a fix and an answer? 😕

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm not seeing any answers, are you?

    I've been blanked on this forum, in multiple threads.

    I've been blanked in support chat - after a cut and paste saying I'd be contacted "shortly" I've had every follow up message totally ignored for 4 solid days.

    I've been blanked on twitter by @ingress, by @helpshift, by @NianticHelp and by @NianticLabs across around 20 different threads.

    I honestly expected that basic human decency would have kicked in by now, but no. Niantic are happy to take customers money then just blankly pretend the customer doesn't exist, and that they can't hear what I'm saying.

    Worst of all is the way a third party reached out to me and I did get my fix... but only because I kicked up enough fuss to become a public embarrassment. The fix was done silently and shamefully behind the scenes.

    What I do NOT have is any answer.

    What I do NOT have is any last vestige of respect for a company that treats it's paying customers with complete and utter contempt.

  • I've just been hit with this problem this morning.

    Subscription showing as valid in App Store, Apple processed payment and showing as debited from my bank account, Ingress App not showing any CORE benefits and now cannot hack due to over inventory limit.

    When I try to check the subscription in Ingress App, I get a "store sync" error.

    Restarted everything, so I'm guessing that there is a processing issue at the Niantic end...

    How about Niantic adds a few days grace to the subscription end date to cater for payment processing times and timezone calculations...

    This is a VERY annoying issue - especially someone that has been playing for many years and decides to pay up for what has been a great free game for so long. Now money is processed from my account, but the game effectively locks me out?!? Not cool Niantic!!!!!!

  • I'm getting a similar error. I took the same steps as the one above, but the symptoms did not improve and the eventry was saturated and I couldn't do anything.

    The payment was completed yesterday and I noticed that I was getting this error at 8am Japan time on April 19th.

    I want immediate improvement and I request an extension of the subscription for the time it took to improve.

    Please take immediate action for our smooth agent activities.

    Awww, NIAaaaaaa😫

  • Having this problem. Super disappointed to lose my sojourner

  • KhuitKhuit ✭✭

    @NianticBrian I was scheduled to renew today, no payment shows on my card. This problem persists. I want my 2500 inventory level restored ASAP, I would think Niantic and Apple could get their stuff together enough to make this a seamless process. I would appreciate a response.

  • Same here. Finally got time after work for hacking, but could not. The inventory limit had reverted to 2000. The date indicates that my card has been charged according to Apple for this period.

  • Good morning🌞I'mTAKEMORI115(ENL-JPN) and I reported yesterday.

    I have a lot of new information and would like to share it with you.

    The NIA side recommended "try to refresh the subscription from the settings", but it doesn't improve.

    I had already paid for the card, but when I checked the payment on the App Store, it was confirmed that it was "pending(保留)".

    Since it was a credit card payment, there was no problem with the credit screen, so I contacted Apple's call center. I got the following response.

    ・ As far as Apple confirms, the payment has been completed, but the approval on the application side is closed.

    ・ People who complain of such symptoms tend not to be able to download free apps, so please download some apps once.

    I tried installing a free game and it was successful.

    Therefore, it turned out that there is a strong possibility that it is a problem on the NIA side.

    I urge that the release notes on the NIA side did not improve, and that we take immediate action and extend the subscription for the period that was not reflected😥


    Since the answer is from Apple Inc. in Japan, there is no certainty that a similar answer can be obtained overseas, but we will share it just in case.

  • I opened a bug on the 11th for this and have had NO RESPONSE!

  • I have the same issue, apple took payment and shows I have an active subscription but I'm kitlocked at 2458 items.

  • Hi

    My subcription Was renewed 2 days ago, but i have lost the 500 extra items

  • I also had my subscription renewed 48 hours ago and have lost all my perks. The game thinks I am not subscribed. Had to burn 400 items to continue to play.

    I absolutely understand problems come up and you need time to fix it, but we need some feedback from Niantic that they are working on it. Further, those of us reporting the problem need to have our subscriptions manually fixed until the permanent automatic fix is applied @NianticBrian can you provide that?

    I've had a report in to in game support for only 18 hours so far, but I see people with reports in for 9 days, so I am concerned when this will get resolved.

    I defend niantic's app all the time when people are complaining about things that really should have been discovered before release, but it gets pretty hard to justify it when I'm forking over a monthly fee and not even getting what I paid for.

  • I'm about ready to just have Apple pull the transaction and try again, unless there's a good reason not to. Niantic has failed to uphold their end of the subscription contract. It's clearly an issue on their end of things.

    Support is demanding a screenshot, but best I could do is give them the transaction ID. Let's see if they'll even attempt to look it up.

  • Add me to the pile. Subscription active in App Store, paid via PayPal the other day; no CORE benefits today. Refresh subscription button in Settings does nothing.

  • Same as all this☝🏼I’m using iPhone, went to settings to “Refresh”; nothing happened. I’ve unsubscribed, deleted app, restarted phone, renewed subscription, reinstalled app....nothing worked. Help @NianticBrian, please!

  • I finished going through this thread to catch Agents that our Ops team hadn't finished going through, so if you're not seeing your C.O.R.E. rewards (2,500 inventory) you should see it now after taking a game action.

    We're still investigating what's causing this issue for some Agents, and working on fixes for the issues we have identified. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on this.

  • pelicanSHpelicanSH ✭✭✭
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    I received CORE today. Thank you

    I hope my second bug is fixed : kinetic capsule blocked...

  • Fixed, thanks!

  • i got a same problem !

    i can not get benefit core

  • same problem for me too, please help fix~🙏 the problem persisted for over 36hrs. @142753869

  • I recovered safely this morning. Thank you very much😀 However, the update date is 18th, and it will be restored today (24th). Isn't the week that wasn't reflected not extended? The loss is a little big😣

  • same problem here!, no core benefits, this is bad, can‘t play, because the reduced item limit to 2000.

  • @NianticBrian Is there any expectation that agents will get extensions (to compensate for missed days when the subscription was inactive and therefore gameplay was severely impacted), or if those of us who should have gotten 7000 CMU (renewal should have happened within the 60-day window) will get that additional grant at some point?

    I can't get a straight answer on this on my Support ticket. My original subscription date was February 9, so renewals should have been (and according to Apple, were) on March 9 and April 9. Other people who renewed successfully on April 9 got a third 7000 CMU grant. Those of us who were in subscription limbo got the normal 2500 CMU grant when the subscription renewal was finally recognized. It seems highly unfair that we're getting penalized in CMU _on top_ of having been unable to play for several days during a weekend when there was an event.

  • @NianticBrian Hello Brian! I have lost CORE as well today, please check mine. Agent name: aznpandafood

  • rhdfonerhdfone ✭✭

    @NianticBrian I lost the subscription...again. Used the new refresh button and it gave me the flair on the name and my load out. BUT inventory still on 2000


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