calm ( Light flavors are hard to eat)

Today, a major time-limited change to the scanner was communicated by PR.

The changes are bigger than any previous changes caused by anomaly results, and shake one of the foundations of the CF creation rules.

The PAC, however, had no say in the matter, and the companies remained silent.

There have been a few times when this kind of calm has come when the "sequence" switches. But now we are still left with the tabula rasa, and the Nemesis sequence is not completely finished.

What the PR people have told us is too fragmented, and all we know is that an unknown vulnerability attack was carried out.

The inability to see the leaked documents makes many Japanese agents feel as if they are being downgraded to a game with no flavor text.

Has anyone been able to track down the PAC?

Do we see any corporate leaks on even these major scanner changes?

I thought I had gotten too much media in my tessellation, but I recently found out that it's still not enough.



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