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  • If they're on my team whatever. Hopefully they needed to build their illuminator. Waste of virus tho.

    If they're on the other team.. they'd need anchors inside that work with my spine. I try to keep control of such anchors.

  • Also I saw the ping. So unfair I have nice open stats for you to peruse and I can't even see if you have wings on badges cause no recursion XD (jk I fully understand why people close their stats I enjoy leaving mine open)

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭

    What is the point of demolishing fields and redoing them with your own team's agent?

    And the backstops are fine to demolish, as well as farming the keys from them. You can use ADA/Jarvis at least, and I don't know how you're going to keep it all under control.

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    I'll admit the effectiveness on the strategy. Agents on both sides here in CT have done it and actively are doing it in some cases. But despite the effectiveness, it's ultimately a health issue for the game. We can make compromises so it doesn't throw scoring out of w-h-a-c-k (banned word?), but allowing the game to stay as-is will continue a pattern of new player loss.

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭


    Ha ha :)

    I keep it so that the enemy did not see that I, for example, somehow suddenly increased the value of glyph-hacks and there is no visible activity in the fields :))).

    If interested, I opened it.

  • Let me ask you this - if you had put several thousand hours, and 10's of thousands of miles on your vehicle, and hiked far more than you'd like to admit - to ensure you had anchors that were hard to reach and take down - would you like someone to just poof, drop those anchors without even going there? And if you had spend time every single week, for 300 to 500 weeks, ensuring that your fields stayed up, that your score wasn't broken every cycle, how happy would you be if the other faction was suddenly awarded the win for this cycle for something like, say, they got more popular votes on a forum post than you did. Would you be happy? I mean, it's just one little things, just one event, shouldn't bother you, right?

    Now, yeah, it's just a week, but for a lot of people that's going to be a very devastating week. The game's been running for years now, people have built strategies, deep strategies, and this is massively disruptive.

    Ingress is very much like a game of chess to those that want to do more than toss yolos or do missions - so let's use the analogy of a chess tournament. Chess is an established game and chess masters spend countless hours working on their strategy. What this is like is exactly like a chess tournament where, 15 games into a 20 game series, the rules committee suddenly says "for this next game, you can move your pieces anyway you want, and if you just want to take your opponent's king off the board and say checkmate, we'll let you" - the entire game of chess is totally destroyed by them saying that, all those hours that the chess players on both sides of the board have put into their game for years are now wasted and ruined.

    but, it's only 1 game, what's the big deal?

  • You don't actually own anything. You established a control field for your team. Your MU should count for global score. No other opposing fields under that field should count towards a global score, unless *potentially* 2 or more anchors of the controlling field are outside of the cell being scored. This allows for players to still contribute to global where they might not have an ability to remove the field. If you spend way more time making way more fields, there's a pretty good chance you're going to beat out the BAF regardless, previous to a change like this, you might not have been able to. You might be the one sleeping in your car over in another cell after taking down the anchor and throwing some blockers.

    I've seen both sides of this. I got brought into the game and was repeatedly BAF'd and it basically turned into a troll war. We also now control most of the area in surrounding cells, and even yesterday had some L3's some fail to pull down an anchor that's covering their small town. They just want to play they game. Just like I did when I started. Now they have a chance I never had.

    It's a game, enjoy it as a game, enjoy that it's still here, adapt and don't take it so seriously,

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    An unknown exploit detected on the Ingress Scanner has disturbed the behavior of Mind Units, which is said to last for 168 hours.

    "An unknown exploit..." " said to..."

    How can something be said to last for X time if it's unknown? Otherwise somebody knows about it if they are saying something about it.


  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    I used to argue that people should go build portals and save up keys so they can throw blockers when the perma-baf's go down. The reality was that people on both sides just quit playing. I stopped putting up the perma-baf over my town when I thought about how much time and money I was dumping into it. Having more MU than the other side only rewards you by putting the numbers down in the scoreboard history, which is buggy to access, anyways.

  • I think I'm with you. This "strategy" needs to go for the sake of the game. <--- no, that's a valid strategy. What needs to go are agents that refuse to do what's needed to take down the fields they are unhappy with.

  • ZinkyZonkZinkyZonk ✭✭✭

    Fields within fields!!!! I'm delighted to be shocked this morning .... lol... have not even had my morning coffee.... yet brain has been jolted awake. Currently running through scenerios.

    Bit eye roll with the negative comments .... but rigid thinking to be expected with our gaming community ...we do like our rules. Lol

    This is exciting twist! Looking forward to it!

    Love your work Niantic!

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I've been there, and done all that. I realized that those fields are detrimental to the game, and stopped doing it. Learn to let go.

    Edit to say: Your use of the chess analogy is pretty funny. Chess can be something you can earn a living off of. You cannot earn a living off of Ingress. Only Niantic and the cell phone and satellite providers can make money off of Ingress.

  • so excited for this event! Keep up the work ingress all these events have been great! I’m excited to see something different and I hope it causes some players to change their game alittle bit. (-:

    and to the people complaining just work harder if it bothers you that much (-:

  • I can't see one except to grind illuminator.

    The argument (unless I'm failing to see something) is my outer field stays up and the other team hollows it and makes their own field under it. That locks them into an area. They need anchors within my anchors for that to work. I know my area. If they start taking my spine... Imma look for their baseline. Hopefully I've used the most durable anchors I can (if not why don't they just farm my anchors and rethrow my exact same field?) If I see them taking durables, it trails inside my anchors.. I start planning defense. I'm confused as to how this is so confusing.

  • NO. Do NOT freaking break the game in this way.

    There are 3 LAWS within Ingress. 

    1) Links can NOT Cross. 

    2) Links can NOT be created while under a field.

    3) MU is the metric where you are either Winning or Loosing an area. 

    This upcoming event Breaks the Second rule. This is Unacceptable. 

    Build Fields, Layer, but lets NOT let niantic think this is a good idea...

  • Oh this is amazing! They should make this permanent!

  • WikiBlueWikiBlue ✭✭✭

    👌 sounds like it is going to be a very bussy and fun week

  • #3 was not originally a law. It was change in game mechanic when the scoreboard was introduced. What year was the game "perfect" and we have to keep it exactly the same to that point in time?

  • RouthinatorRouthinator ✭✭
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    I love how all the BAF'rs are freaking out when the #1 complaint about BAFs is that it prevents people from playing the game. Making fielding under fields permanent would mean no one had to complain about BAFs.


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    Well, for example, as in the picture I drew, especially found Vancouver. And convenient, because you can even inside their own matryoshka polynkova, no need to go back and forth, just take it and pour it on :)

    The thing is, it's easy, you don't have to think about anything, what would be built correctly, what would not be a "shalashik" for example. 

    As I understand it, the fields drawn in the picture were. They were removed by the opponents, but left one outside.

    In a normal game you would have to flip the outer fields, then go to the beginning of the bed, and only then dolink the fields. In event, you just arrive there and throw the missing fields, while starting from the end of the bed, you will not necessarily go to the beginning. 

    So do the opponents. Inside this triangle there are many portals, you can quietly take and relink them into a mega-matrix, without attracting much attention. and already you have to go off there in the woods and knock it down.

    In general, ****, well, honestly. 

    Well, as for beginners, even with the example of Vancouver, you can see that there are plenty of places where you can play to your heart's content and not sit under the fields. 

    Then again, maybe you have some other technique of play, we (Moscow, Russia) fields will not hang for a long time, and this is from both fractions - go and cut them :)

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